In the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Robilar (also known as Lord Robilar or Sir Robilar) is a powerful warrior who serves as commander of Rary's forces in the Empire of the Bright Lands.


Robilar first came to prominence in the early 560's, when he joined Mordenkainen's Citadel of Eight. Later, he gained more fame in the Free City of Greyhawk in 565 CY, when he and Yrag captured Sir Bluto Sans Pite, the perpetrator of the River of Blood mass murders. For their efforts, both men were ennobled by the city directors.

In 570 CY, Robilar, with his orc henchman Quij, accidentally released Iuz from his captivity beneath Castle Greyhawk. Robilar, realizing his mistake, tried to slay the weakened demigod, but was unable, and was fortunate enough to escape with his own life.

In 584 CY, At the end of the Greyhawk Wars Robilar, with Rary, betrayed the Circle of Eight. Whilst Rary (himself a Circle member), killed Tenser and Otiluke, Robilar helped destroy their clones in order to prevent the wizards from returning to life. Rary and Robilar were unmasked and have now fled to the Bright Desert where they established the Empire of the Bright Lands. Tenser in the meantime has returned to life, while Otiluke is still dead.

He also developed an aggressive fighting style known as "Robilar's gambit" at some point in his life.


Robilar bears as his coat of arms the following blazon: Or, a dragon rampant vert.

Creative Origins

Robilar was named by, and after, original Dungeons & Dragons player and co-DM of Gary Gygax's Greyhawk campaign, Robert J Kuntz, who played Robilar in Gygax's campaign. The character Robilar accomplished many impressive feats in Gygax's home campaign, including being the first to successfully complete the adventure Tomb of Horrors.

Kuntz is unhappy with Robilar's more recent storylines, believing that Robilar would never turn on Mordenkainen, the head of the Circle of Eight and Robilar's old adventuring companion. He has speculated that this is not actually Robilar, but a rogue clone, though this may be wishful thinking on his part.

Expedition To The Ruins Of Greyhawk reveals that an evil double from another universe named Bilarro was impersonating Robilar, who has been freed at the end of the adventure, along with Zuoken.


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