Robert Schoch

Robert M. Schoch

Robert M. Schoch is as of 2008 a tenured (tenured 1990) associate professor of Natural Science at the College of General Studies, a 2 year non-degree granting unit of Boston University. He received his Ph.D. in geology and geophysics from Yale in 1983, and is best known for his argument that the Great Sphinx of Giza is much older than conventionally thought and that possibly some kind of catastrophe has wiped out other evidence of a significantly older civilization. In 1991, Schoch redated the famous monument to 7000–5000 BC, based on his assertion that its erosion was due mainly to the effects of water, rather than wind and sand, and also based on seismic studies around the base of the Sphinx and elsewhere on the plateau.

Schoch's other theories include the belief that possibly all pyramids — in Egypt, Mesoamerica and elsewhere — represent (in the sense that the general concept of pyramids is inherited, along with many other cultural commonalities) a much older global culture, or at least that there was cultural contact around the world in ancient times. He is also known for his research on the Yonaguni underwater "monuments," where he has dived on several occasions, beginning in 1997; his analysis of the formations is that it is a natural site modified by man to suit their needs. It's actual quote is: "We should also consider the possibility that the Yonaguni Monument is fundamentally a natural structure that was utilized, enhanced, and modified by humans in ancient times."

In 1993, Schoch lent his name to a genus of extinct mammals, Schochia, of which Schochia sullivani is the genoholotype.

In 2006, Schoch investigated the so-called Bosnian pyramid excavations, at the invitation of the locals. He concluded "absolutely no evidence of pyramids per se or of a great ancient civilization in the Visoko region."

Besides his work on ancient monuments and cultures, Schoch is interested in environmental issues (he is co-author of the college textbook Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions) and he is involved in the study of parapsychology.

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