Robert H. Rimmer

Robert Rimmer

Robert Henry Rimmer (March 14, 1917Quincy, Massachusetts, August 1, 2001) was the author of several books, most notably The Harrad Experiment.

The recurring theme in all or almost all of Rimmer's writing was a criticism of the assumption of monogamy as a societal norm. All the protagonists in his novels discover that they are happier in arrangements which would nowadays be called polyamorous or polyfidelitous. They explore various ways of organizing life, through laws or other means, to facilitate such relationships.


He graduated from Bates College with a multi-disciplinary degree in English, Psychology and Philosophy and later obtained an MBA from Harvard. He served in World War II. When his enlistment was up, he returned to the US and took a position in the family printing business. 25 years passed before he wrote his first novel.


  • That Girl from Boston (written 1962) ISBN 1-58348-091-9
  • The Rebellion of Yale Marratt (1964) ISBN 1-58348-090-0
  • The Harrad Experiment (written 1962, published 1967)
  • Proposition 31 ISBN 1-58348-093-5
  • Harrad Letters to Robert H. Rimmer
  • The Premar Experiments ISBN 1-58348-095-1
  • Me and Samuel's Wife ISBN 0-595-08850-3
  • Love Me Tomorrow ISBN 1-58348-096-X
  • Come Live My Life ISBN 1-58348-097-8
  • The Byrdwhistle Option: To Play Instead of Work ISBN 0-595-00218-8
  • The Zolotov Affair ISBN 1-58348-092-7
  • The Way to Go: 4 Men & 3 Women Sailing from Florida to Cozumel & Belize ISBN 0-595-09550-X
  • Here We Are Again: Bob Rimmer--Resonating With Margaret Fuller and Flora Tristan, Then and Now ISBN 0-595-19117-7
  • Thursday, My Love ISBN 1-58348-094-3
  • The Trade Off-My Husband/Your Wife ISBN 0-595-00953-0
  • Dreamer of Dreams (1998) ISBN 1-58348-104-4
  • Let's Really Make Love: Sex, the Family, and Education in the Twenty-First Century (1995) ISBN 0-87975-964-X
  • The X-Rated Videotape Gude (1993) ISBN 0-87975-799-X

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