Robert Barr

Robert Barr (writer)

Robert Barr (1850 - October 21, 1912) was a British novelist, born at Glasgow, Scotland. He was educated at the Normal School of Toronto, Canada, was headmaster of the Central School, Windsor, Ontario, and in 1876 became a member of the staff of the Detroit Free Press, in which his contributions appeared under the signature "Luke Sharp." In 1881 he removed to London, to establish there the weekly English edition of the Free Press, and in 1892 founded The Idler magazine, choosing Jerome K. Jerome as his collaborator (wanting, as Jerome said, "a popular name"). He retired from the coeditorship in 1895.


  • The Face and the Mask (1894)
  • From Whose Bourne (1896)
  • In a Steamer Chair and Other Stories (1892)
  • In the Midst of Alarms (1894, 1900, 1912)
  • Jennie Baxter, Journalist (1899)
  • One Day's Courtship
  • Revenge!
  • A Rock in the Baltic (1906)
  • The Strong Arm
  • A Woman Intervenes (1896)
  • Tekla: A Romance of Love and War (1898)
  • The Unchanging East (1900)
  • The Victors (1901)
  • A Prince of Good Fellows (1902)
  • The Tempestuous Petticoat (1905-12)
  • The Triumph of Eugene Valmont (1906)
  • Stranleigh's Millions (1909)
  • The Sword Maker (1910)
  • The Palace of Logs (1912)
  • The O"Ruddy, with Stephen Crane, (posthumous, 1913)

In the Midst of Alarms is a story of the attempted Fenian invasion of Canada in 1866. A Woman Intervenes is a story of love, finance, and American journalism. Countess Tekla essayed the historical novel.



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