robert frost

robert frost

[frawst, frost]

Robert Lee Frost was an American poet born on March 26, 1874 and died on January 29, 1963. He is known for his incredibly realistic depictions of country life as well and ability to utilize American colloquial speech. His work often focused on settings involving New England rural life at the start of the 20th century. He utilized such settings as a way to examine a variety of complex philosophical and social themes. He is an extremely popular and respected American poet with a great deal to know about.

Frost was born in San Francisco but moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts, following the death of his father. While his association with rural life is constantly acknowledged, Frost actually was born and raised in the city and his first poem ever published was in the high school magazine. He attended Dartmouth College for a mere two months, returning home to work a variety of odd jobs and to pursue poetry.

Frost's first poem was sold in 1894, entitled "My Butterfly. An Elegy" and earned him $15 (the equivalent of $300 today) He married Elinor Miriam White on December 19, 1895 and went back to school at Harvard University from 1897-1899 although he left early due to illness. He wrote poetry and worked on a farm for the next nine years, before returning to education. He was an English teach for several years before moving to Great Britain publishing his first book of poetry, entitled A Boy's Will as well as his second, North of Boston. Frost returned to America at the beginning of World War I, where he purchased a farm and worked writing, lecturing and teaching.

He won his first Pulitzer Prize in 1924 and went on to win three more in 1931, 1937 and 1943. From 1921 until 1962, Frost taught nearly every summer and fall at Middlebury College's mountain campus. Frost has received a number of honorary degrees and has several buildings named after him. Robert passed away on January 29, 1963 due to complications of prostate surgery and he was buried in Bennington, Vermont at the Old Bennington Cemetery.

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