River Medina

River Medina

For other places whose names are or contain "Medina", see Medina (disambiguation).

The River Medina is a small river that runs from the hills in the south of the Isle of Wight, through the capital Newport, towards the Solent at Cowes. The river is a navigable tidal estuary from Newport northwards.

The river is bridged at Newport. Cowes is connected to East Cowes by a chain ferry known as the Cowes Floating Bridge.

The name Medina came from the Anglo-Saxon Meðune = "the middle one", but the place in Arabia may have influenced its modern spelling.

The River is used by yachtsmen as a very safe harbour. Along the banks of the Medina there are many old warehouses and wharfs where in the past flying boats, hovercraft and steam ships were built and developed; and there is a museum of classic boats which displays much of the river's history alongside the history of yachting.

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