Rive-Sud Jackals

Ligue de Hockey Junior A Rive-Sud

The Ligue de Hockey Junior A Rive-Sud or Rive-Sud Junior "A" Hockey League is a Junior "A" (Junior "C" Canada-Wide) ice hockey league in the Province of Quebec, Canada. The league is sanctioned by Hockey Quebec and Hockey Canada. Although the league no longer has its own website, the league is still healthy and running. Much like minor hockey, there are many multiple-entry teams in this league, they are denoted as (1) or (2).

The Teams

Section Richelieu-Caron
Team Centre
Lynx de St-Constant St-Constant
Flames de Napierville Napierville
Jets de St-Hubert St-Hubert
Couguars du CJR (1) St-Hilaire
Wild de Candiac Candiac
Sieurs de Longueuil (1) Longueuil
Mustangs de Brossard Brossard
National de St-Jean St-Jean
Section Richelieu-Robichaud
Team Centre
Blitz de Varennes (1) Varennes
Red Wings de St-Lambert (1) St-Lambert
Dragons de St-Rémi (1) St-Rémi
Monarques de Marieville Marieville
Seigneurs de Boucherville Boucherville
Mousquetaires de St-Hyacinthe (1) St-Hyacinthe
Bouclier de Beloeil Beloeil
Concordes de St-Basile St-Basile
Section St-Laurent-Courchesne
Team Centre
Red Wings de St-Lambert (2) St-Lambert
Chevaliers d'Iberville Iberville
Lynx de St-Jean St-Jean
Blitz de Varennes (2) Varennes
Sieurs de Longueuil (2) Longueuil
Section St-Laurent-Madore
Team Centre
Mousquetaires de St-Hyacinthe (2) St-Hyacinthe
Hawks de Laprairie Laprairie
Remparts de Chambly Chambly
Coyotes de Ste-Catherine Ste-Catherine
Dragons de St-Rémi (2) St-Rémi
Couguars du CJR (2) St-Hilaire

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