Riot Becki

Rebecca Stephens

Rebecca Stephens (born Rebecca Louise Stephens on 30 July 1982) is a singer, formerly with British band The Pipettes, where she was commonly known as RiotBecki.

On April 18 2008 it was announced in a blog post on the band's Myspace that Becki and bandmate Rosay had left the band "to pursue other musical projects".


The Pipettes

Brighton-born Becki normally stood stage left with The Pipettes, and is identified with blonde hair, glasses, nose ring and tattoos. She is a self-described feminist and has a degree in media studies and film/video production from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College having written her dissertation on early Seventies hardcore pornography.

She is most notable for singing the verses of the single "Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me" and lead on album tracks "Tell Me What You Want" and "One Night Stand", which (along with "Feminist Complaints" and album track "A Winter's Sky") she also wrote. In April 2005, she joined former member Julia in contributing vocals to the hip-hop album Flowers & Trees by fellow Brightonian Y.Misdaq aka Yoshi, and has also provided vocals for The Blind Cowboys, a project by bandmate Jon Cassette and Tom White of The Electric Soft Parade and Brakes on their cover of Sometimes Always. She claims to 'enjoy uncool jobs' and admits she tap-dances.

In a post on her personal Myspace blog shortly after her departure from the Pipettes was confirmed, Becki stated that she is writing solo material and will possibly be uploading demos online in the near future. She also referred to herself as "the ex-Riot Becki", suggesting she has abandoned the nickname she gained with the band, which came from her love of the Riot Grrrl scene, having named Sleater-Kinney and Kathleen Hanna as influences as well as Guided by Voices.

Solo work

On October 10 2008 Becki announced in a MySpace blog that she had just returned from a trip to Atlanta, Georgia where she had recorded a number of demos with Randy Michael of Atlanta band The Booze under the name Electric Blue, after the pornographic film of the same name. Four of the demos were posted on Electric Blue's MySpace.


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