Rio, West Virginia

Rio, West Virginia

Rio (pronounced RYE-O) is an unincorporated community in southern Hampshire County in the U.S. state of West Virginia. Rio is located just north of the Hardy County line at the crossroads of Augusta-Ford Hill Road (West Virginia Secondary Route 53) and Delray Road (West Virginia Route 29) in the North River Valley. The county line actually cuts through the community with 3/4 of it lying in Hampshire County and the remaining 1/4 in Hardy County. According to the 2000 census, the Rio community has a population of 154.

Historic sites and attractions

  • Rio Mall, In Rio on Delray Road (WV Route 29)
  • Rio Turtle, 2.5 mi. West of Rio on Augusta-Ford Hill Road (CR 53)
  • Old Rio Schoolhouse, In Rio on Delray Road (WV Route 29)
  • Ebenezer Lutheran Church, In Rio on Augusta-Ford Hill Road (CR 53)
  • God's Pavilion Church, In Rio in Augusta-Ford Hill Road (CR 53)


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