Ridge Hill transmitting station

Ridge Hill transmitting station

The Ridge Hill transmitting station is a broadcasting and telecommunications facility located 20 miles SW of Worcester located in Herefordshire and close to the border of Gloucestershire and is a 100 kW (analogue TV power) main transmitter. It includes a cable stayed steel lattice mast which has a height of , which in addition to the altitude of the site gives an aerial height of 363 m above mean sea level.

Ridge Hill supplies its signal to 17 relays which allow coverage into "fringe" areas not able to receive a good signal from the main transmitter.

All 5 analogue programme channels are broadcast plus the full 6 digital MUXES although reception of the latter may well require a wideband aerial. In July 2007 was confirmed by Ofcom that Ridge Hill would be reverting to an A group transmitter at DSO (Digital Switchover).

In addition to its television output Ridge Hill transmits various radio stations including BBC Hereford and Worcester.

The station covers the south west Midlands, including Herefordshire, and parts of Worcestershire. It also covers parts of the South West, specifically northern Gloucestershire.

From December 4 2006 Ridge Hill began broadcasting ITV West on UHF channel 30 (rebroadcasting the signal from Mendip) in addition to the existing ITV Central service on channel 25. This follows the restructuring of ITV Regional News and the abolition of the Central South region. As a result, the existing ITV Central service now carries news from the West Midlands region, with the new West service being provided for viewers in the south east of the service area in areas such as Gloucester and Cheltenham, which are editorially more closely linked to the west country. This change effectively united ITV coverage for Gloucestershire, as the southern half of the county has always been covered by Mendip and its relays.

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