Rideauview Bible Chapel

Rideauview Bible Chapel

Rideauview Bible Chapel is a "Brethren" church located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada at 1249 Prince of Wales Drive. It was first started in 1967.

The members live mostly in the western portion of Ottawa and Nepean. When the church first opened in 1967, many members also came from nearby Kanata, Stittsville and the former Goulbourn Township. Due to the growing amount of members from these communities, a sister church, Bridlewood Bible Chapel was formed in Kanata in the early 90's.

Services, meetings and Programs

There are three services at the church on Sundays. A Lord's Supper service takes place at 9:30 AM. This is followed by a Family Bible Hour at 11:15 AM. An Evening Bible Hour, similar to the Family Bible Hour takes place at 6:30 PM.

Unlike most churches, Rideauview has no clergy or staff. A member of the assembly usually chairs the meetings, leading the service in prayer, in the singing of hymns and reading of weekly announcements. Another member of the church or a visiting speaker then goes on to deliver a gospel message or lead a Bible study. As per the church's beliefs, both the chair person and the speaker is a male member of the church. Since there is no clergy, the church is run by elders.

On Tuesday evenings, a prayer meeting and Bible study takes place in the basement.

On Thursday evenings from September to April, an Awana program is held for children from ages 3 to Grade 8. This program is popular and has attracted parents and children from other nearby churches.

On Friday evenings, a youth group is held for high school students. At the same time, the College and Careers group also meets for group Bible study, prayer and activities. This program is well attended because of the large number of college and university students at Rideauview, resulting from the relative proximity to Carleton University and Algonquin College

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