Rick Smith, Jr.

Rick Smith Jr. is a magician, known for his feats involving the throwing of playing cards (scaling). He currently holds the world record of throwing a card 216 feet, 4 inches at 92 miles per hour. He has been a guest on the Carson Daly show, and was featured in Las Vegas, Ripley's Believe It or Not! and Attack of the Show. He won the title of "Master of Champions" during an episode of the television show with same name broadcast by ABC on July 6, 2006. He has given performances at many schools including St. Peter's School in Canton, Ohio, Rocky Run Middle School in Chantilly, Virginia, and Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia. He was also featured in Sports Illustrated. Rick Smith Jr. was a high-school baseball pitcher where he a sock war broke out in the locker room. Rick, always having a deck of cards handy sense he was a magician and all,threw a single card at someone "around 90 mph...giveing him the worst paper cut of his life" soon after him and his friends learned that ther was a world record for it. and in early 2002 became the card throwing world record holder.who befor him the record holder was jim carol,and ricky jay.

Rick today

Now though, the days of training are long behind him. At the moment he has a business The Cleveland Entertainers and found ways to become a marketing success from his card throwing.

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