Ribnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ribnik (Cyrillic: Рибник) is a village and a municipality in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ribnik, formerly known as Srpski Ključ (Српски Кључ), was created from part of the pre-war municipality of Ključ (the other part of the pre-war municipality is now in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina).


It is located between municipalities of Oštra Luka in the north, Banja Luka and Mrkonjić Grad in the east, Glamoč in the south, and Istočni Drvar, Petrovac, and Ključ in the west.



In 1991, the population of Ribnik village numbered 2,183 people, of whom 2,133 (98%) were Serbs. (See: Serbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina)


In 2006, the majority of inhabitants of municipality were ethnic Serbs.

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