Rhythm Activism

Rhythm Activism

Rhythm Activism was a Canadian musical collective, revolving around the core duo of Sylvain Côté and Norman Nawrocki. The group, based in Montreal, performed a politically radical brand of "rock 'n roll cabaret".

On several occasions, the band recorded and released albums on just a few days' notice, to support political activist campaigns such as the Oka Crisis of 1990 and a Quebec students' strike. Most of their material was released on their own Les Pages Noires label, although their final album Jesus Was Gay was distributed on G7 Welcoming Committee Records.

The band's song "Leo Lachance" appears on the 1999 G7 compilation Return of the Read Menace, and their song "Down in the Mines" appears on the 2005 G7 compilation Take Penacilin Now.


  • Rhythm Activism (1986)
  • Rhythm Activism Live (1987)
  • Resist Much, Obey Little (1987)
  • Louis Riel in China (1988)
  • Un logement pour une chanson (1990)
  • Fight the Hike! (1990)
  • Perogies, Pasta and Liberty (1990)
  • Oka (1990)
  • War is the Health of the State (1991)
  • Oka II (1992)
  • Tumbleweed (1993)
  • Blood & Mud (1994)
  • More Kick! (1995)
  • Buffalo, Burgers & Beer (1995)
  • Jesus Was Gay (1998)


  • That's the way we tie our shoes : a recipe by Rhythm Activism (1996)
  • Alive and kicking : the first ten years of Rhythm Activism (1997)

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