Rha Goddess

Rha Goddess

Rha Goddess is a Hip-hop artist and playwright in her 30s who has coined the term "Floetry" and independently released a solo effort entitled "Soulah Vibe" in the year 2000. Rha Goddess has also collaborated with the likes of Zulu Nation, The Last Poet's, and Chuck D among other urban artists. She is ordinarily compared to the likes of Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu. Ordinarily literary artists are turned to art after a traumatic event. Rha Goddess first began writing poems and journals when her mother died of stomach cancer in 1995 -- subsequently followed by a plethora of related deaths including a family friend, an uncle, and two murdered young men from her community. Her play "Low" debuted in Actors Theatre in March 2006.


Rha Goddess' style is considered so unique that it warrants its own one-word description. "Floetry", as defined by Rha Goddess herself, is a blending of rhythm, poetry, hip-hop and politics. The actual term has been spread throughout the hip-hop community. Poets and political activists alike such as Abiyahor Floetry Spadesare among the many who claim to have been inspired by Rha Goddess and her "Floetry". It is presumed that the popular urban R&B group Floetry has also been inspired by Rha Goddess.

Soulah Vibe

Rha Goddess' first album Soulah Vibe was released through her independent label "Divine Dime". Soulah Vibe is considered to be a meticulously produced effort by the Goddess. On the album, Rha uses her emotionally channeled voice to create a rich natural presence. The track "Elements" figuratively describes a connection between the four elements of nature and the four elements of hip-hop. The title track "Soulah Vibe" acts a "Spiritual Manifesto". The tracks "Can't Touch This" and "My Pen (Remix)" have a more funky and upbeat ambiance to them.


"Low" is a full-length play written by the Goddess herself that tries to define or give an illustration of "mental insanity". The main (and only) character is Lowquesha. Her plight is described in a series of poems and monologues recited and acted out by Rha Goddess herself. The Courier-Journal writes,"In a fleet and flawless hour, Rha Goddess goes on a savage journey into the tortured mind of a young woman battling mental illness."


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