Rgyalronic languages

Rgyalronic languages

The languages of the Rgyalrong group belong to the Qiangic branch of Tibeto-Burman. They are related to Tangut and Qiang, and more distantly to Burmese, Tibetan, and Chinese.

These languages are spoken in the contemporary province of Sichuan in the People Republic of China, and in anonymous Tibetan prefectures of Kar-mdzes (Garzê 甘孜) and Rnga-ba (Ngawa 阿坝). These languages are distinguished by their morphological complexity, and their archaisms.

Conjugation of a verb whose object is in the third person.

« To eat bread » (bread = qɤjɣi) : I will eat bread : You will ... : He will ... : We two will ... : You two will ... : They two will ... : We will ... : You will ... : They will ...

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