Revista Cambio 16

Revista Cambio

Revista Cambio (Spanish for Change Magazine) is a Colombian based social, political and economics magazine. Founded with the name Cambio 16 was later sold and renamed Cambio in 1998 to nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez and other associates. In 2006 the magazine was sold to Casa Editorial El Tiempo.


Cambio was founded as Cambio 16 América by Colombian journalist Daniel Samper Pizano and Spanish associates called the "sociedad empresarial española "Grupo 16"" who owned the Cambio 16 version of this magazine in Spain and were trying to establish a second major weekly magazine in Colombia to compete with Revista Semana.

Cambio 16 Américas was released on June 14, 1993 under and direction of Darío Restrepo Vélez and Patricia Lara Salive as chief executive officer of the board of directors. Samper worked as an editor. The owner and general director was the Spanish Juan Tomás de Salas.

First Editorial Committee

The first editorial committee was headed by Daniel Samper Pizano, Consuelo Mendoza, Guillermo Cortés, Gabriel Jaramillo, Gloria Zea, Reinaldo Cabrera and Patricia Lara Salive. And had a number of collaborators like: Antonio Caballero, Alberto Donadío, Germán Espinosa, Eduardo Escobar, Alfredo Molano Bravo, Darío Jaramillo Agudelo and Juan Ballesta.

It later went thru many image and directive renovations when Patricia Lara Salive became an associate in 1996; the board of directors was assumed by Rafael de Nicolás, Fabio Echeverry Correa and Dionisio Ibáñez. The Editorial team was replaced by Guillermo Ángulo, Reinaldo Cabrera, Hernando Gómez Buendía, Gabriel Jaramillo, Consuelo Mendoza, among others and the general direction of Carlos Lemoine Amaya. Two years later Cambio was then sold to the society Abrenuncio S.A. from Bogotá on November 25, 1998, a society comformed by nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez, his wife Mercedes Barcha, Maria Elvira Samper, Roberto Pombo, Mauricio Vargas Linares, among others. In 2006 the magazine was sold to Casa Editorial el Tiempo.


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