Reung Touch

Bar Kaev District

Bar Kaev District (បាគាវ) (also transliterated Bar Keo) is a district in north-eastern Cambodia, located in Ratanakiri Province, Population 11,758 (1998). It contains six communes.

Commune (khum) Villages (phum) Population (1998) Commune code
Kak (កក់) Reung Touch, Sala, Ka Chak, Kak, Yeun, Chrung 1,729 160301
Ke Chong (កិះចុង) Reu Han, Khun, Pale, Chrong, Pa Ar, Kdeang, Ray, Dal, Sa Lev 2,415 160302
Laming (Laminh) (ឡាមិញ) Trom, Su, Nhal, Khmang, Phum Muoy 2,622 160303
Lung Khung (លុងឃុង) Lung Khung, Pa Ar, Pa Yang, Chreak 1,828 160304
Seung (Saeung) (ស៊ើង) Ya Sam, Yem, Chaet, Kli, Sueng, Smach 1,677 160305
Ting Chak (ទីងចាក់) Tuy, Kab, Lut, Pa Nal 1,487 160306


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