Retired New Jersey Transit rail fleet

Retired New Jersey Transit rail fleet

This page will cover retired NJ Transit and NJDOT rail equipment.




Electric MU Equipment

  • Arrow I no. 100-133 built by St. Louis Car Co. 1968-1969 Rebuilt 1987–1989 into Comet IB coaches by Morrison-Knudsen
  • Arrow II no. 1234-1303 built by Budd 1975 Some were briefly operated on what would become the MARC Penn Line by Conrail All were retired by 1997
  • Erie Lackawanna MU Cars no. various built by Pullman Replaced by Arrow II & Arrow III cars in 1984
  • MP54 no. various built by Pullman Replaced by Arrow I & Arrow II cars during the 1970s-early 1980s

Rolling Stock (non-Comet)

  • "Bay Head/Raritan Valley Rocket" no. various acquired Late 1960s from the Rock Island by the CRRNJ
  • "CNJ Heavyweights" no. various built 1920s for the CRRNJ's Blue Comet.
  • "E-L Capitan" no. 3070-3094 acquired 1970s from the Santa Fe for the Erie Lackawanna.
  • "Jersey Builder Cars" no. various acquired 1970s from the Burlington Northern Some of these cars remain in the hands of the URHS.
  • "P70" no. various built 1920s for the PRR.
  • "Raritan Eagle" no. various acquired from Missouri Pacific.
  • "Stillwell" no. various built 1930s for the Erie.

Comet Cars

Comet I

  • 1600-1606, 1608-1609 low-door trailers with restrooms built as bar cars.
  • 1700-1760 low-door trailers
  • 5102, 5112, 5122, 5125, 5127 retired due to various wreck damages.

Comet IA

  • 5994-5999 (trailers)
  • 5198-5199 (cabs)
  • built 1978 by Budd from spare Arrow III shells Owned by Metro-North (scrapped)

Comet IB

  • 5155-5169 (cab cars)
  • 5220-5234 (trailers)
  • Built as EMUs originally in 1968-9, rebuilt into push-pull cars 1987-1989.
  • All retired from service by July 2008. Cars sold off or leased to other operators.

Comet II/IIB (unrebuilt)

These cars currently run as 5300-5459.

  • 5610-5706 (1982 trailers)
  • 5752-5758, 5760-5771(1987-1989 trailers)
  • 5759 (Club car for Jersey Shore Commuter Club built 1988)
  • 5135-5154 (cabs, built 1982) (5146 wrecked 1996)
  • All built by Bombardier, rebuilt 1999-2003


  • 5173-5178 (cabs)
  • 5984-5993, 6000(5980)-6003(5983), 6173,6176,6178,6180,6182,6184 (coaches)
  • Owned by Metro-North.
  • Cabs 5173–5174 and all 6100 series coaches were transferred from Croton equipment pool to Hoboken equipment pool.
  • Coaches 6000–6003 renumbered to 5980–5983 to make way for Comet V cars.

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