Resian dialect

Resian dialect

The Resian dialect is a distinct dialect of the Slovenian language spoken in Italy's Resia valley, close to the border with Slovenia. Because of its remote location outside of Slovenia, the dialect has phonetical properties different from standard Slovenian.

Although not a regulated dialect (its speakers considering it a dialect of Slovene rather than a different language), and without any official status of its own within Italy, speakers of Resian maintain a Roman based script separate from that used for standard Slovene. The alphabet contains the letter /W/, which is a rare grapheme among Slavic languages; the exceptions being Polish and Lusatian.

Written Resian can mostly be understood by Slovenians, but spoken Resian is much harder to understand. Resian, forming a part of the South Slavic dialect continuum, shares numerous features with the Slovenian dialects spoken across the adjacent border, and communication between the communities is intelligible. However, Resian and standard Slovenian are mutually unintelligible due to archaisms not preserved in modern Slovenian, and a significant Italian influence on Resian vocabulary and pronunciation.

Notable linguists who have studied the dialect include Jan Niecisław Baudouin de Courtenay, Milko Matičetov, and Roberto Dapit.

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  • Resianic homepage, containing texts in Italian, German, Slovenian, and English, as well as a Resian-Slovenian dictionary

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