Renkin 3-kyu Magical ? Pokan

Renkin 3-kyū Magical ? Pokān

is an anime series that tells the story of the everyday life of four princesses from the fictitious World of Magic (makai) who are oblivious to the happenings in everyday life in the human world. The name of the anime is often shortened to Magipoka. The opening sequence of the anime is deceptive to the viewer as it is not apparent that the anime's genre is comedy.


There is no plot continuation from episode to episode but the premise of the show is that the four main females are adapting to life in the human world (though three episodes are loosely connected to each other). The girls are faced with small, self centered problems such as finding a boyfriend.


Uma (ゆうま Yūma), voiced by Momoko Saitō :It is revealed that Uma is a witch, although she is not yet adept at spell casting. She has a happy personality and finds joy in exploring the human world. When she makes a discovery about the world she quickly and proudly points it out to the other girls, however she is generally the last to discover such things and becomes disappointed when others learn faster than she does. Her overall design is recomniscent to a bunny-girl.Pachira (パキラ Pakira), voiced by Aya Hirano :Pachira is seen during the course of the anime as a vampire and while she displays the common weakness of vampires such as a weakness to garlic, her biggest weakness, at least in her mind, is her small breast size. She has the ability to fly and is seen eating regular food as well as having a vampire's lust for drinking blood - although she mainly drinks tomato juice. She turns to ash in sunlight, but it is not fatal as noted in episode one. She wears a long coat and cardboard box over her head whenever she goes out and when she goes to the beach she wears a heavy coat of sunscreen, she does not turn to ash.Liru (りる Riru), voiced by Hitomi Nabatame :It is explained to the audience that Liru is a werewolf and dislikes silver. Liru has an energetic personality and has animal traits such as the ability to leap great distances with little effort. Like all werewolves, she is lycanthropic; her wolf form looks similar to a yellow puppy. A minor recurring theme in the episodes is when Liru sees a full moon shaped object, she immediately changes into her lycan form (though strangely enough she seems somewhat resilient to the real moon's effects).Aiko (鉄子), voiced by Satomi Akesaka :Shown throughout the series is the fact that Aiko is an android with an outdated computer and poor size memory. As the other three are based on storybook monsters, it's probable that Aiko is an updated version of Frankenstein's Monster. The word "aiko" is Japanese for "loyal" or "trustworthy". This is a fitting name for her, as she performs housekeeping duties for the other girls because of her devoted mind. Her weight is 300kg or more, and she hopes to get her own human-type body.Keimie (ケイミィ Keimī), voiced by Nomico :An invisible person who is a chaperon of the four princesses. Possibly, her invisibility may elude to the invisible man to keep up with the "movie monster" nature of the show. She does not appear very often, her most notable scene involving an English Speaking contest.Tan (タン), voiced by Wataru Hatano :Uma's pet black rabbit who changes into her hat.Jun (ジュン), voiced by Nomiko :Uma's pet peach-colored rabbit.Super Doctor K-ko (スーパードクターK子), voiced by Shōko Tsuda :A semi-regular character. She is a scientist that is constantly trying to get the 'scientific community' to see how bad the four girls are, for her own status gain.


Theme songs

Opening theme: , sung by Yousei Teikoku (band, meaning 'Fairy Empire')Ending theme: , lyrics by Yasunori Ide, composed by Hiroki, sung by various voice actresses from the show:
Episode Song title Sung by Character
1 Shichaimashō sensuous Momoko Saitō Uma
2 Shichaimashō predator Hitomi Nabatame Liru
3 Shichaimashō suggestive Aya Hirano Pachira
4 Shichaimashō devoted Satomi Akesaka Aiko
5 Shichaimashō sensuous Nomiko
6 Shichaimashō suggestive Nomiko
7 Shichaimashō predator Nomiko
8 Shichaimashō devoted Nomiko
9 Same as episode 3 ED
10 Same as episode 2 ED
11 Same as episode 4 ED
OVA Shichaimashō invisible Nomiko Keimie


Lantis has released three CD albums:


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