The Remillard family were successful owners of brick manufacturing plants in San Francisco, California from the 1800s to the mid 1900s.

It was said they built the city of San Francisco twice. Once, before the great earthquake and fire of 1906 and then again afterwards. One building alone, the Palace Hotel, required 1.5 million bricks to complete.

The two brothers who began the brick making company, and began the Remillard fortune, immigrated from Canada to California around the time of the goldrush.

Countess Lillian Remillard Dandini inherited the company from her father. She was noted for her ownership and preservation of the architectural gem, Chateau Carolands in Hillsborough, California, the second largest house in the United States, which she bought in 1953 and lived in until her death. She willed the Chateau to the city of Hillsborough for a museum of music and art, but left no money to acquire the music or the art and in the end, the city of Hillsbororgh sold the house.

She acquired her title of Countess through marriage to Count Alessandro Dandini, which ended in divorce within a few years.

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