Reinvention: A Demo Retrospective / 1990-1999 is the 1999 album by the Christian singer Stephen Crumbächer who is best known as the lead singer for the group Crumbächer. It was only available on the Internet site until they went out of business in 2003. The songs could be downloaded or you could order a legal blue bottom CD-R ( called them D.A.M. CDs or Digital Automatic Music CDs) from the site. Mr. Crumbacher began to work on his next album (tentatively titled Arizona) in 2000 and also released demos of that album on Some of the tracks from Reinvention and Arizona are still available on Crumbächer's official website.

Track listing

  1. "Reinvention"
  2. "Find Me"
  3. "By Our Love"
  4. "Danger Involved"
  5. "Big Boy Again"
  6. "Telephone Kisses"
  7. "Diamonds"
  8. "The Dig"
  9. "Above the Means"
  10. "B-attitudes"
  11. "Love Would Never Walk Away"

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