Reinventing Axl Rose

Reinventing Axl Rose

Reinventing Axl Rose is Against Me!'s first full length album. It was released on No Idea Records, fronted by band member Tom Gabel. This is the first Against Me! release with a full band, including electric guitar and a full drum kit. The album's cryptic title is in reference to the growing culture of corporate rock, and more specifically the "comeback" concerts canceled in 2001 by Guns N' Roses lead singer Axl Rose. The album contains five songs that were previously unreleased, as well as fan favorites from their previous two EPs, Crime as Forgiven By and The Acoustic EP. It was recorded at Goldenstone Studios by Rob McGregor, who would go on to produce the band's next full length, As the Eternal Cowboy.

Track listing

All songs by Tom Gabel except where noted.

  1. "Pints of Guinness Make You Strong" – 2:40
  2. "The Politics of Starving" – 3:06
  3. "We Laugh at Danger (And Break All the Rules)" – 3:17
  4. "I Still Love You Julie" – 3:12
  5. "Scream It Until You're Coughing Up Blood" – 2:29
  6. "Jordan's 1st Choice" – 2:08
  7. "Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious..." – 2:24
  8. "Reinventing Axl Rose" – 2:25
  9. "Baby, I'm an Anarchist!" (Tom Gabel, Cassidy Rist and Rob Augman)– 2:40
  10. "Walking Is Still Honest" – 2:37
  11. "8 Full Hours of Sleep" – 4:00


  • Tom Gabel – guitar, vocals
  • James Bowman – guitar, vocals
  • Dustin Fridkin – bass guitar
  • Warren Oakes – drums
  • Sam Jones – vocals on tracks 1, 3, 6
  • Todd Bitchin' – vocals on track 3
  • Ryan Quinney – vocals on track 3
  • Patrick Quinney – vocals on track 3
  • Adam Volk – vocals on track 3
  • Rose O'Hara – vocals on track 3
  • Jordan Kleeman – vocals on track 3
  • Cassidy Rist – vocals on track 9


"Pints of Guinness Make You Strong" is about Gabel's grandparents. James was an alcoholic and drank himself to death though he was always nice to his wife, Evelyn.

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