Reginaldo Marília de Santana



Marília is a city located in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The population in 2006 was 224.093 and the area is 1,173.1 km². The elevation is 675 m, adequate to the coffee culture, still the main agricultural product of the region.

Marília was founded in 1929, and its name comes from the poem Marília de Dirceu written by Tomás Antonio Gonzaga during the Inconfidência Mineira revolution, in 18th century.

Marília is now known in Brazil as the "Capital Nacional do Alimento" ("National Food Capital"), due to several food and soft drink industries located there, like Coca Cola, Nestlé and locally-owned Marilan and Dori, among others. The biggest industry in Marília is the cattle industry. There is also a captivating night scene for people of all ages.

The city is also known by its universities, like UNIVEM (maintained by the Fundação de Ensino Eurípides Soares da Rocha), Unimar, Faculty of Medicine of Marília (FAMEMA) and Unesp. These universities have attracted students from several regions of Brazil, turning Marília into a key educational center.

It is located in

Natural History

A pre-historic crocodile, Mariliasuchus amarali, was named after this city.


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