Reggie Bennett

Reggie Bennett

Reggie Bennett (born January 24, 1961 in San Diego, California) is an American former professional wrestler most known for her work in Joshi Puroresu organizations such as All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling. She was a power wrestler who usually wrestled as a heel and overpowered smaller opponents with moves such as the Reggie Rack and the Global Bomb.


She began her career in the independent Californian circuit in 1986. After making her professional debut, she was signed to the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association. Bennett participated in the LPWA Japan Title tournament during the February 23, 1992 pay-per-view LPWA Super Ladies Showdown losing by disqualification in the semi-final round.

Bennett signed with All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling in 1994 and competed there for several years. Bennett faced Chigusa Nagayo at the Big Egg Wrestling Universe show at the Tokyo Dome on November 20, 1994. She won the IWA World Women's Championship on May 15, 1995, defeating Manami Toyota. At the time, Toyota also held the WWWA World Heavyweight Championship, the most prestigious title in Japanese women's wrestling, although that title was not on the line in that match. She lost the IWA belt later in 1995 to Takako Inoue. Bennett then went on to capture the All Pacific Championship by defeating Mariko Yoshida and then Kaoru Ito in a tournament on June 22, 1996, although she would again lose her title to Takako Inoue.

On April 12, 1997, Bennett was one of the featured speakers at a banquet honoring Terry Funk. The following night at ECW Barely Legal, she debuted as a member of Raven's Nest interfering with the ECW Heavyweight Championship match between Funk and Raven.

On November 14 1997, Bennett joined ARSION, forming a monster heel stable of American wrestlers with newcomer Jessica Soto, who was billed as Reggie's younger sister Jessica Bennett. The duo was one of the featured teams in the Twinstar of Arsion tournament and video collection.

Bennett married the Japanese musician Kenji Ishihara in August 2000. Later that year she decided to retire from wrestling, fighting Manami Toyota in her farewell match on March 4, 2001. Following her retirement, her career was memorialized in the video release Reggie Bennett in Japan.

Bennett also had small roles in a number of films, first appearing in Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (1983). She also had a cameo role in the Sylvester Stallone film Over the Top (1987).

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