Regents of the University of California

The Regents of the University of California make up the governing board of the University of California. The Board has 26 full (i.e., voting) members:

The Board also has two faculty non-voting members. By custom, the incoming Student Regent serves as a non-voting Regent-designate from the date of appointment (usually in September) until beginning his or her formal term the following July 1.

As with other public university systems nationwide, the board of regents is treated as the real party in interest for all purposes under California law. All actions of the university are done in their name, all UC property is held in their name (and is marked by signs indicating "Property of the Regents of the University of California"), all bank accounts are held in their name (and all checks must be written to "UC Regents"), and all lawsuits involving the University always refer specifically to the regents. This is peculiar because most corporations (especially private ones) are treated by the law as a legal entity separate from their boards and employees, and lawsuits against them are addressed to the corporation or university itself, not its board of directors or trustees.


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