Refugio Pikyry

Refugio Pikyry


The Biological Reserve Pikyry is located in the Alto Paraná Department of Paraguay, on the right bank of the Parana river, and is one of the sites earmarked as 8 ecological reserve by the Itaipu, the largest dam in production in the world, located between Paraguay and Brazil. Located in a natural bay, Pikyry is formed by the stream and its confluence with the river Parana, and has an area of 1,110 has


The topography of the area is flat, inclining slightly downward towards the Reservoir.

The soils are predominantly Latosoles clay. The levels of organic matter are generally high as a result of the prevailing vegetation, and is slightly acidic. There are also - though very few - hydromorphic soils belonging to the group of gley - and humic Planosoles.

It is part of an area inside the Gaza Protection Reservoir in which preliminary studies have demonstrated the need for the area to be integrated into the program since it possesses unique characteristics. Conservation is very important to preserve the area from Mbaracayu Biological Reserve until Tati yupi Reserve.


The climate is subtropical, with abundant and well distributed rainfall, ranging from 1,500 to 1,700 millimeters per year.

The average annual temperature is 21 to 22 ° C, having a marked difference in daytime and nighttime temperature in winter. The relative humidity is 70 to 80% and the prevailing winds are the northeast and southeast, encouraging and pleasant conditions of the place.

Animals and Plants

The vegetation, dominated by species such as Tabebuia , Cedrela fissilis , Patagonula American among others. Besides abundant species Lauraceae and undergrowth populated with species like Piperaceae, Bromeliaceae, Rubiaceae pteridophytes, Poaceae among others. It should be emphasized that there exists 300 metres within the preserve's border, a variety of Arecaceae,Trithrinax brasiliensis , the only recorded example in this part of Paraguay.

There are several species of mammals, birds and reptiles for example: capybara ( Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris ), monkey ( Cebus apella ), kuatí ( Nasua nasua ), among others.

Itaipu Lake

This reserve, bordering Lake is artificially created to come into operation the plant of Itaipu. Being formed in 1982, a series of economic alternatives that are already beginning to be exploited by the 77 neighboring municipalities. The artificial lake is one of the largest in the world, with 29 million and 200 km extension in a straight line. If the bays and inlets are included length reaches 1,400 km.

The formation of the lake has not only changed the look of the geographic region. Agriculture has begun to give way to tourism. Several artificial beaches were created along the banks of the lake, where water sports are available.

Area subdivision

According to the latest techniques of management of protected areas, the biological reserve of Pikyry is divided into distinct zones in order to handle them properly.

'Areas of special use': areas essential for the administration, office accommodation, restaurant, aviation runway, and so on.

'Zone extensive use': areas which visitors access for education and recreation

'Zones intensive': areas with outstanding scenery which can support large numbers of visitors and recreational activities (camping areas, visitors' centers and scenic lookouts)

'Buffer Zones and Recovery': areas that have been severely damaged, largely on the border of the preserve near heavily populated areas

'ZoneCore': natural areas that have received the minimum of disruption caused by man (comprised of three distinct nuclei and characteristic of the place).

The reserve has a panoramic viewpoint, which can be seen most of the wooded area, as well as the vast body of water formed by the dam. The combined resources of vegetation, water and topography give it inestimable value.

How to get there

The park is accessible from the superhighway that links Ciudad del Este, Saltos del Guairá. The city of Hernandarias is some 37 km north, and there are signs to the right, leaving the town's main shelter, about 20 km from the entrance.


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