Reel Corporation

Reel Corporation

Reel Corporation is an independent Australian film distributor. Reel Corporation Australia established a joint venture sales company with Roadshow Entertainment called Reel DVD.


Reel Corporation distributes many films, children programmes and television series. It also deals with independent studio film content titles which would receive limited release in cinemas. While instead Village Roadshow would release big blockbusters from studios such as Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema. Reel Corporation would look after genre titles which didn't necessarily have big studio output deals, which aided in International Distribution for films which include 'Teaching Mrs. Tingle' and 'Bride of Chucky'.


Starting in February 2007, Village Roadshow allocated many of its 'smaller' titles to Reel DVD to be repackaged and re-distributed, and sold at discount prices. These also included big budget films like 'Jason X' and 'The Art of War (Film)' which hadn't achieved high sales on DVD. They were submitted for Revision at the Office of Film and Literature Classification (Australia's censorship board) and officially given new Classification logos and simpler Classification Advice.

Reel continues to distribute small scale and direct to DVD films, the most recent being 'A Love Song for Bobby Long' 2007.

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