Red Aunts

Red Aunts

The Red Aunts were an all-female punk band that formed in 1991 in Long Beach, California when Terri Wahl (aka Angel, or Louise Lee Outlaw) recruited friends Kerry Davis (aka Sapphire, or Taffy Davis) and Debi Martini (aka E.Z. Wider, aka Connie Champagne, or Debbi Dip). Wahl would become the guitarist, with Davis as lead vocalist and Martini as bassist. Wahl's husband, Jon Wahl of the band Claw Hammer stood in as drummer under the alias Joan Whale until he was replaced full-time by Leslie Noelle (aka Leslie Ishino, Ishino Destroyer, or Cougar). None of the women had formal musical training or previous experience in bands, yet they managed to develop their own sound, producing five full-length albums before disbanding in 1998.


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