Recruitment in Ireland

Recruitment in the Republic of Ireland

The recruitment service industry in Ireland is a flourishing commercial environment built on the strong and constant economic growth Ireland has experienced the last 10-15 years due to the Celtic Tiger, most prominently in Dublin. Specialized recruitment agencies (sometimes known as employment agencies or simply recruiters) across the country offer personnel consulting, specialist corporate recruiting, CV databasing, job-finding and headhunting, and temporary worker management services. These agencies usually work with larger business clients who are seeking qualified employees. There are approximately 600 recruitment agencies in Ireland, with an estimated 300 of those based in Dublin alone. Often large, growing businesses in Ireland prefer to outsource their recruitment and job advertising needs to an outside firm, and recruitment agencies offer these key services to these clients, usually in exchange for a percentage-based compensation matched from the new employee’s earned salary. In this way, the client pays the recruitment agency for services rendered – the candidate (new employee) should not pay anything for being recruited.

Employment agencies in Ireland are licensed by the Department of Enterprise trade and Employment under the Employment Agency Act 1971. The main thrust of the act is to outlaw exploitation of jobseekers. Under the act an agency is permitted to charge a maximum of one pound (€1.27).

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