Recapitulation (Irenaeus)


The word recapitulation can mean:

  • A summary
  • Recapitulation (music), a section of musical sonata form where the exposition is repeated in an altered form and the development is concluded
  • Recapitulation theory, a scientific theory no longer accepted
  • Recapitulation (Irenaeus), a religious theory
  • Recapitulation (Castaneda), a spiritual practice appearing first in the writings Carlos Castaneda and later in those of Miguel Ángel Ruiz, Victor Sanchez and others
  • Recapitulation (healing) the art of recapturing lost energy stored in the muscles of the body from thoughts & feelings of past events, a natural healing process. Self Re-examination. Recapitulator, a tool used to bring attention to the memory & location of trapped energy to remove stress from the body thereby healing any area of distress upon re-examination.

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