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This article is about the Mexican remake telenovela, for the original Argentine telenovela starring Erreway, see Rebelde Way.

Rebelde ("Rebel" or "Rebellious") was a Mexican telenovela (soap opera) produced by Televisa and created by Cris Morena. It is a remake of a famous Argentine telenovela Rebelde Way adapted for the Mexican audience therefore leading to differences in characters' backgrounds. The series ran for three seasons, the final episode airing in Mexico on June 2 2006. Rebelde was replaced in June of 2006 with Televisa's new series Código Postal.

The series is set at the Elite Way School, a prestigious private boarding high school near Mexico City (In Rebelde Way it was a middle school). The school's faculty and the parents often have their own subplots as well. One feature of the show is the random use of English words and phrases, commonly used by fresas.

One of the series' major plot lines revolves around a group of students forming a pop band. The actors, who play the members of this band, are also in a real band, abbreviated as RBD to distinguish it from the show. RBD performs most of the music used on the show, and has been extremely successful in its own right, becoming one of the most popular acts in Mexico and touring internationally.

In the United States on Univision the show started on March 21 2005 and ended on December 15, 2006. The show is also transmitted in Peru, Brazil, Spain,Bulgaria and more than 65 other countries.

Dulce María Roberta Pardo Rey
Alfonso Herrera Miguel Arango Cervera
Anahí Mia Colucci
Christopher Uckermann Diego Bustamante
Maite Perroni Guadalupe "Lupita" Fernández
Christian Chávez Juan "Giovanni" Méndez López
Allisson Lozano Bianca Delight (2-3)
Angelique Boyer Victoria "Vico" Paz Millán
Mike Biaggio Javier Alanis
Estefania Villarreal Celina Ferrer Mitre
Jack Duarte Tomás Goycolea
Karla Cossío Pilar Gandía Rosalez
Eddy Vilard Teodoro "Téo" Ruiz Palacios
Rodrigo Nehme Nicolás Huber (2004-2005)
Enrique Rocha León Bustamante
Juan Ferrara Franco Colucci
Ninel Conde Alma Rey
Lisandro Guarinos Martin/Octavio Reverte (2006)
Teresa Ruiz (actress) Renata
Patricio Borghetti Enrique Madariaga (1)(3)
Leticia Perdigon Mayra Fernández
Grettell Valdéz Renata Lizaldi (2005)
Tony Dalton Gastón Diestro (2005-2006)
Zoraida Gómez Jóse Luján Landeros
Diego González Rocco Bezauri (2-3)
Cynthia Copelli Mabel Bustamante
Dobrina Cristeva Yuli Huber
Francisco Avendaño Gustavo Ruíz Palacios
Gerardo Klein Fernando Ferrer (2005)
Grisel Margarita Anita (2005-2006) (2-3)
Jesus Falcon Augusto Paz Millán(2004-2005)(1)
Marco Antonio Valdés Dante
Lourdes Canale Hilda Acosta
Carlos Girón Iván "Roger" (2005)
Paola Lavat Marcia Ruiz Palacios
Patricia Martínez Luisa López
Roberto "Puck" Miranda Cosme Méndez
Maria Fernanda García Alicia Salazar
Fernanda de las Fuentes Raquel Byron-Sender
Michel Gurfinkiel Joaquín Mascaró (2004)
Maria Fernanda Malo Sol de la Riva (2-3)
Derrick James Santos Echagüe (2-3)
Aitor Iturrioz Esteban Nolasco (2004-2005)
Viviana Macouzet Dolores "Lola" Fernández (2-3)
Ana Bolena Belén Menéndez Pacheco (2004-2005)
Carlos Balart Coach Donato (2004-2005)
Eleazar Gómez Leonardo Francisco Blanco (2004-2005)
Ernesto Díaz Mauricio Garzo Alebrija (2004-2005)
Antonio Sainz Iñaki Urcola (2-3)
Fernando Morin Antonio Pardo (2004-2005)
Gabriela Bermúdez Elena Cervera de Arango
Hector Gómez Hilario (1)
Julio Camejo Mauro (2004)
Erika Ashley Catalina "Cata" (2004-2005)
Malillany Marín Luz Viviana Oliver (2005)
Manola Diez Pepa (2004-2005)
Sergio García Rodrigo (2004-2005)
Dylan Obed Marcelino (2004-2005)
Nailea Norvind Marina Cáceres(2006)
Beatriz Shantal Paula Ríos (2004)
Marimar De La Vega Sabrina Guzman #1
Cláudia Bitchy Sabrina Guzman #2
Guest Appearance
Guest Plays
Hilary Duff Herself (Season 3)
Lenny Kravitz Himself (Season 1)
Kumbia Kings Themselves (Season 1)
Adal Ramones Himself (Season 1)
JD Natasha Herself (Season 1)
Lu Themselves (Season 1)
Erick Rubin Himself (Season 1)
Ricardo Montaner Himself (Season 2)
The Angels Themselves (Season 2)
Gorillaz Themselves (Season 2)
Cabas Himself (Season 2)
Anasol Herself (Season 3)
Kris Melody Herself (Season 3)
Luny Tunes Themselves (Season 3)

The Rebelde Uniform


The informal uniform for Elite Way students (shown in the picture) is as follows:

  • Girls wear a blue denim mini-skirt and black leather boots.
  • Boys wear ankle-length blue denim jeans.
  • Boys and girls alike wear red sport-jackets, buttoned-up white dress-shirts, and white-striped red ties. (Girls often untuck and tie up their shirts, leaving their midriff exposed.)
    • NOTE: As shown by Mia in the series pilot (during a song-and-dance number), girls also wear "regulation" briefs and matching bras.


The formal uniform for Elite Way students is as follows:

  • Girls wear a dressy black mini-skirt and black leather boots.
  • Boys wear black dress-slacks and black dress-shoes.
  • Boys and girls alike wear buttoned-up blue shirts with red ties, black blazer jackets (with the Elite Way insignia on the chest-pocket)...and, during the winter, wool coats with flat wool caps.
    • NOTE: In later episodes of the series, girls wear gold plaid mini-skirts, white knee socks and high-heeled Mary Janes with their buttoned-up shirts, ties and blazers.

Promotional content

The show is also notable for its extensive use of product placement. During the three seasons of the show, more than 220 companies had some spot during the show. Aside from RBD, the show has also featured guest appearances and performances from many other popular musicians, including Hilary Duff, Luny Tunes, Gorillaz, Lenny Kravitz, JD Natasha, LU, Tiziano Ferro, and La 5ª Estación. There have also been two excursions to luxury vacation resorts (Cozumel and the Banff Springs Hotel in Canada).

The cast promoted everything from shampoos (Herbal Essences) to juices (Jugos del Valle) to pads (Kotex) to cellphone operators (Telmex in Mexico, OLA in Colombia). The cast members also did individual commercials. Plus, the cast also advertised for Lojas Americanas and the restaurant Girafas in Brazil. Almost every brand in Mexico who wanted to talk with teenagers did some tie-in with Rebelde or its members. For example, Nivea Young had a digital campaign asking "Do you want to have wonderful skin like Mia and Roberta?". Several exclusive pictures of the cast are available to cellular phone users.

All 6 RBDs also appeared on cans of Coca-Cola and promotions with brands like Kelloggs, Nestle and many others.

They have no problems in advertising competing brands: Herbal Essences and Garnier Fructis were sponsors of the show at the same time and while Herbal used Anahi as their spokesperson, Garnier chose Dulce Maria. In 2005, while at their peak, RBD appeared on Sprite cans in Mexico and in 2007 they were hired by Pepsi.

Promotional products

To capitalize on the huge success of Rebelde the producers are now marketing a consortium of items relating to the show.14

The soap opera and the band had over 70 licensing deals in Mexico and 80 in Brazil. In Mexico they had underwear, clothing line, jewellery, comic book, calendars, uniform, calendar shoe-line, perfume, magazine, candies, caps, board game, backpack, school stuff, blankets, dolls (including barbie), among other things. In Brazil, shoes, magazines, books, digital cameras, MP3 players, board games, toys, apparel, dolls, blankets, cosmetics, shampoo, bubble gum, school stuff, backpacks and many other products were available.

According to Redibras, Rebelde and RBD's licensing company, in Brazil alone 400.000 RBD dolls have been sold, 350 million bubble gums, 40 million stickers of their sticker album and 10 million magazines.


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