Reba episodes

List of Reba episodes

This is a list of episodes from the TV series Reba.

Season 1: 2001-2002

Episode # Production Code Title Airdate Summary
1 1AES01 Pilot October 5, 2001 In the pilot episode, Reba learns her husband is leaving her for his pregnant dental hygienist and that her own daughter, Cheyenne, is pregnant by her boyfriend, Van.
2 1AES02 The Honeymoon's Over Or Now What? October 12, 2001 Cheyenne is kicked out of school for being pregnant, but Van is allowed to stay because he is on the football team.
3 1AES03 Someone's At The Gyno With Reba October 19, 2001 Reba deals with Van moving all his stuff into the house and the fact that Cheyenne's gynecologist will also be delivering Barbra Jean's baby.
4 1AES04 You Make Me Sick October 26, 2001 A neighbor won't let her son sleep over at Reba's house because she doesn't approve of Cheyenne being pregnant. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean claims that she doesn't get "morning sickness".
5 1AES05 The Steaks Are High November 2, 2001 When Reba hosts the football team's pre-game dinner, she serves the wrong brand of potato salad, causing the team to give up before the game has begun. Then Westchester High Wildcats history was made because the team came back from 24-0 to come back and win.
6 1AES06 The Man And The Moon November 9, 2001 Brock is jealous when Reba goes out with her plumber; Cheyenne's decision to "moon" to the football team ends up on the internet.
7 1AES07 Tea And Antipathy November 16, 2001 Van's parents invite him to move back home, but only if he will leave Cheyenne. Meanwhile Kyra and Brock spend quality time together.
8 1AES08 Don't Know Much About History December 7, 2001 Reba tutors Van when he fails a history test, causing him to not be able to play football until his grades are up.
9 1AES09 Every Picture Tells A Story December 14, 2001 Reba suspects Brock was cheating on her long before he told her it started, when she finds an old picture of him and Barbara Jean. Later, Barbara Jean tells Reba that although she and Brock were both at the same dental convention in 1998, she was actually there on a date with a different married dentist.
10 1AES10 When Good Credit Goes Bad January 11, 2002 Reba has to bail Barbra Jean out of "mall jail" when she maxes out the limit on a credit card Reba still shares with Brock.
11 1AES11 Meet The Parents January 18, 2002 Reba's parents visit and Reba is surprised by how much they seem to like Barbra Jean.
12 1AES12 A Mid-Semester's Night Dream January 25, 2002 Reba gets a job substitute teaching at Van and Cheyenne's school, only to get fired after giving misinterpreted advice about premarital sex to a young teen couple.
13 1AES13 Brock's Swan Song February 1, 2002 When Brock's father dies, he and Reba bury him on a golf course, only to get arrested.
14 1AES14 The Story Of A Divorce February 15, 2002 Reba's best friend Lori Ann (Park Overall) sets her up on a date with her old flame named Parker Reynolds that Reba had dated then at the time dumped him for Brock. after the divorce with Brock is final.
15 1AES15 You May Kick The Bride February 22, 2002 Reba refuses to go to Brock and Barbra Jean's wedding, only to end up there tagging along on Barbra Jean's dress.
16 1AES16 Vanny Dearest March 15, 2002 When Van is named "Player Of The Year", Reba tries to get his parents to come to the event, but Van's mother overstays her welcome when she ends up bunking with Reba.
17 1AES17 He's Having A Baby April 12, 2002 An incident involving a baby doll arises when Reba agrees to be Cheyenne's substitute in Lamaze Class and she finds out that Brock and Barbra Jean are in the same class. When Reba hits Brock with a plastic baby he ends up in the hospital, but Reba founds out when he (Brock) confesses that Barbra Jean accidentally smashed his right foot with the baby crib as they moved it in the nursery.
18 1AES18 She Works Hard For Their Money April 19, 2002 When Brock buys Cheyenne and Van a car for their baby shower, Reba believes that they need to learn responsibility and insists that they pay for part of it. She ends up regretting her decision, however, after she gets stuck helping Van deliver pizzas on his job.
19 1AES19 Labor Of Love April 26, 2002 Cheyenne heads to hospital with false contractions, but it's Barbara Jean who goes into labor while Brock is away camping. Before Cheyenne was sent to the hospital because of false contractions, Reba was pushing Van and Cheyenne to go to college at University of Houston. However, a recruiter from University of Southern California was also visiting Van and Cheyenne offering Van a football schloarship. At the hospital, Barbara Jean's water broke leading to having their son Henry.
20 1AES20 The King And I May 3, 2002 Van bribes the alienated students at school with party invitations to vote for Cheyenne for Prom Queen.
21 1AES21 Up A Tree With A Paddle May 10, 2002 After being busy with the baby and not spending time with Jake, Brock buys him a treehouse, but Reba ends up building it herself.
22 1AES22 It Ain't Over Till The Red-Head Sings May 10, 2002 In the first season finale, Cheyenne goes into labor during her graduation ceremony. Reba has flashback moments in Cheyenne's life first when she was about to begin 8th Grade and she needed school supplies she went with girlfriends and Van. 2nd one was Cheyenne's first day of Kindergarten and that she didn't want to go and then Reba told her she looked beautiful. The last flashback was where Reba was in labor with Cheyenne.

Season 2: 2002-2003

Episode # Production Code Title Airdate Summary
23 2AES01 House Rules September 20, 2002 In the second season premiere, Cheyenne and Van handle parenthood and admit having a baby is a nightmare while Reba learns of the rules used for the kids at Brock and Barbra Jean's house.
24 2AES02 Skating Away September 27, 2002 Reba tries to focus her attention on Kyra after Van and Cheyenne move out, but when Van injures himself, Cheyenne and Van lose their housing on campus, forcing them to move back in with Reba.
25 2AES03 Proud Reba October 4, 2002 Van and Cheyenne sign up for food stamps when finances are tight at Reba's house.
26 2AES04 Reba Works For Brock October 11, 2002 Reba takes a job at Brock's dental office, but soon regrets it after Barbra Jean confides in Reba about her relationship with Brock.
27 2AES05 It's Jake's Party, Cry If You Want To October 18, 2002 Reba tries not to make fun of Barbra Jean at Jake's birthday party but an unexpected twist occurs when Brock is arrives recovering from Botox Surgery.
28 2AES06 Safe Dating November 1, 2002 Reba takes a romantic interest in Kyra's boyfriend's father, but the situation gets difficult when Kyra breaks up with her boyfriend.
29 2AES07 Mommy Nearest November 8, 2002 When Reba gets a full time job at Brock's office, Jake starts calling Barbra Jean "Mommy".
30 2AES08 Switch November 15, 2002 Cheyenne convinces Reba to try speed dating.
31 2AES09 Ring-A-Ding November 22, 2002 Reba invites Brian to meet the family; Brock and the kids attend Barbra Jean's family reunion.
32 2AES10 Cookies For Santa December 13, 2002 Reba finds herself alone on Christmas Eve when Van and Cheyenne want to start their own Christmas traditions.
33 2AES11 A Moment In Time January 10, 2003 The family makes a time capsule tape for Elizabeth, but privacy is thrown out the window when the family decides to watch what everyone says on the tape.
34 2AES12 The Vasectomy January 17, 2003 Cheyenne and Van move out after a pregnancy scare and a disagreement Reba's new house rules; Barbra Jean is less than thrilled that Brock had a vasectomy.
35 2AES13 The Rings January 24, 2003 While Reba decides to sell her engagement ring so she can afford to flush a dead mouse out of her car engine, Van decides to buy Cheyenne a diamond ring of her own.
36 2AES14 Seeing Red January 31, 2003 Reba's jealousy over the growing relationship between Kyra and Barbra Jean turns to outrage when Barbra Jean shows up at the house with her hair dyed red and styled the exact same way as Reba's.
37 2AES15 Terry Holliway February 7, 2003 Reba and Brock accept an invitation to a birthday party for an ex-boyfriend that Reba broke up with in order to be with Brock.
38 2AES16 Valentine's Day February 14, 2003 While Reba is nervous about what her boyfriend may say to her on Valentine's Day, Brock and Van try to outdo each other when they go out on a double date with their wives.
39 2AES17 The Feud February 21, 2003 Reba tries to referee a feud between Brock and her boss, Eugene, until she realizes the two are fighting over Barbra Jean.
40 2AES18 And the Grammy Goes to... February 28, 2003 Brock's mother comes to visit and tells Reba that Brock thinks he made a huge mistake by leaving Reba to marry Barbra Jean. Meanwhile, Cheyenne convinces Van that it might be time to forgive and forget with his parents.
41 2AES19 The Wall March 7, 2003 Atfer Van and Cheyenne reconcile with Van's parents, Reba feels threatened by the extravagant gifts they shower on baby Elizabeth and the situation soon escalates into a competition over who's the best grandparent. Including Van's parents giving Elizabeth a pony. Meanwhile, Cheyenne has difficulty adjusting to life now that Van has returned to the football team and has little time to spend with her.
42 2AES20 The Best Defense March 14, 2003 When Reba, Cheyenne, Kyra, and Barbra Jean enroll in a self-defense class, a mock scenario quickly escalates into hand-to-hand combat when Reba pairs off against Barbra Jean. Back at the home front, Brock and Van decide to install an alarm system to protect the family, but make the mistake of allowing Jake to create the "secret" password.
43 2AES21 For Sale, Cheap March 28, 2003 At Jake's school auction, Reba's good intentions turn sour when Barbra Jean places the highest bid and wins Reba as her personal assistant for the day. Meanwhile, Cheyenne is overcome with jealousy when Van's private football lessons are the hit of the auction with women lined up to place their bids.
44 2AES22 The Will April 25, 2003 After a near-death experience, Reba decides it's time to put her personal matters in order and draw up a will. However, Reba goes off the deep end when she accidentally discovers that Cheyenne and Van have asked Brock and Barbra Jean to be Elizabeth's guardians in the event that something happens to them.
45 2AES23 Location, Location, Location May 2, 2003 Reba is ready to blow a gasket when Brock and Barbra Jean tell her they are buying a house around the corner from her. As if that weren't enough stress, a cash-strapped Reba must find a way to come up with extra funds so that over-achieving Kyra can travel to England over the summer and under-achieving Cheyenne can repeat classes in summer school.
46 2AES24 Your Place or Mine? May 9, 2003 When Kyra informs Brock and Barbra Jean that she is contemplating moving in with them, Brock swears can't-keep-a-secret-to-save-her-life Barbra Jean to secrecy until Kyra makes her final decision. Upon hearing the news, Reba is completely devastated, while Cheyenne and Van immediately start making plans to use Kyra's room as a nursery.

Season 3: 2003-2004

Episode # Production Code Title Airdate Summary
47 3AES01 She's Leaving Home, Bye Bye September 12, 2003 Kyra's decision to move in with Brock and Barbra Jean infuriates Reba.
48 3AES02 War and Peace September 19, 2003 Kyra's behavior drives Brock and Barbra Jean to distraction; Cheyenne's snoring unsettles Van.
49 3AES03 The Best and the Blondest September 26, 2003 Cheyenne decides to one-up Kyra in the competition for their father's affection by announcing that she will pursue a career in "dentisting." Reba, skeptical of Cheyenne's long-term prospects, tries to point her in a less ambitious direction.
50 3AES04 Spies Like Reba October 3, 2003 Suspicious of Kyra's secretiveness, Barbra Jean convinces Reba to hack into her e-mail, where they learn that she's planning to attend an unsupervised party and possibly "go to the next level" with a boy. Reba, Brock and Barbra Jean stakeout the party in an attempt to prevent Kyra from repeating Cheyenne's mistakes.
51 3AES05 Calling the Pot Brock October 10, 2003 When Kyra asks Brock if he ever smoked marijuana, he is caught off guard and claims he never did. Soon, Brock's agonized confession that he used to smoke pot shocks Barbra Jean, while Reba is proud to say that she never used drugs. Meanwhile, Cheyenne makes a confession to Van about her own brush with the drug world.
52 3AES06 Encounters October 17, 2003 Barbra Jean hires a counselor to solve her communication issues with Brock. Van, Cheyenne, Kyra, and Reba also attend the session.
53 3AES07 The Ghost and Mrs. Hart October 31, 2003 Reba convinces Barbra Jean her house is haunted by the previous owner, but the joke wears thin when Barbra Jean moves in with her.
54 3AES08 The Cat's Meow November 7, 2003 Kyra and Barbra Jean hide a stray cat in the attic; Reba and Brock ply Jake with outrageous gifts.
55 3AES09 Regarding Henry November 14, 2003 When Van and Cheyenne go out of town for Van's football game, Reba is upset to find they have asked Barbra Jean to take care of Elizabeth. Reba tries everything to convince the family that Barbra Jean is not a fit caretaker, but Brock finally gets Reba to admit that she has almost come to like Barbra Jean.
56 3AES10 The Great Race November 21, 2003 When Reba agrees to compete against Brock in a 5K race to raise money for Jake's school, Van (Steve Howey) insists on coaching her to victory. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean tries to teach Cheyenne to cook.
57 3AES11 All Growed Up January 9, 2004 Van decides put his college education on hold to try out for Arena Football, but Reba's disapproval makes him so nervous that he blows his chance. Realizing she has to let her kids make their own decisions, Reba steps in to get Van a second chance at a football career.
58 3AES12 The United Front January 16, 2004 Over Brock and Barbra Jean's objections, Reba gives Kyra permission to go on her first date, but the accusations fly when it turns out that the boy is 17 years old. The three parents decide to chaperone, which ruins the date for Kyra and causes Reba to realize she will have to let Brock and Barbra Jean help set the rules.
59 3AES13 To Tell You the Truth January 23, 2004 When Van fails to mention that he got a ride home from the team's attractive female publicist, Cheyenne suspects that he is cheating on her and kicks him out of the house. Cheyenne admits to Reba that she fears her marriage will fall apart just like her parents' marriage did.
60 3AES14 Brock's Mulligan January 30, 2004 Not wanting his team to find out that he and Cheyenne are living with his mother-in-law, Van tries to pass Reba off as their maid. Meanwhile, Brock confides to Reba and Barbra Jean that he wants to sell his dental practice and pursue his dream of golfing professionally on the Senior Tour.
61 3AES15 The Shirt Off My Back February 6, 2004 Cheyenne is horrified when Van announces he is going to shave his head as a team-bonding ritual. Meanwhile, when Barbra Jean sells one of Reba's old patched workshirts, she convinces Reba that they should go into business together.
62 3AES16 Sister Act February 13, 2004 Reba and Brock don't know whether to hug or ground Kyra after she admits to punching a classmate who called Cheyenne a slut. Meanwhile, Van gets a bit carried away helping Jake build a volcano for his science fair.
63 3AES17 Fight of Flight February 20, 2004 The entire Hart clan goes into panic mode when Kyra disappears from Brock and Barbra Jean's house in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, an exuberant Van can't understand why Cheyenne is petrified at the thought of appearing with him on a cable sports show, but the tables quickly turn once the cameras start rolling.
64 3AES18 The Big Fix-Up March 19, 2004 Reba is ready to wring Barbra Jean's neck after she finds out that the crazy blonde has secretly planned a blind date for her favorite redhead. To make things even worse, Barbra Jean announces that she and Brock will be coming along on a double date. Meanwhile, Van gets carried away with his bonus money and buys a sports car without including Cheyenne in the big decision.
65 3AES19 The Good Girl March 26, 2004 Reba, feeling her wild oats, decides she doesn't always have to be the responsible one and takes Van's new sports car out for a joy ride, only to end up scraping it. While trying to hide the imperfection from Van, Reba learns someone else might have damaged the car first.
66 3AES20 Happy Pills April 30, 2004 Barbra Jean comes to Reba for advice when she suspects that Brock is cheating on her, but the truth turns out to be even more serious than either of them suspected. Meanwhile, Cheyenne and Van offer to chaperone a less-than-eager Kyra on a date with her boyfriend, but that turns out to be unnecessary after he breaks her heart.
67 3AES21 Girl's Night Out May 7, 2004 Barbra Jean decides she's never speaking to Reba again after she accuses Reba of interfering with her marriage to Brock one too many times. However, when Cheyenne pleads for a girls' night out to celebrate her 21st birthday, the tension between the two women leads to a crazy bar brawl.
68 3AES22 Core Focus May 14, 2004 Barbra Jean enlists Reba's help to break the news to Brock that she wants another baby, but the situation backfires when Barbra Jean catches Reba and Brock in a romantic embrace. Meanwhile, Cheyenne and Van figure it's about time they get their own place, but need Reba to co-sign the lease when they fall in love with an expensive penthouse that is way out of their league.

Season 4: 2004-2005

Episode # Production Code Title Airdate Summary
69 4AES01 The Accidental Role Model September 17, 2004 Brock thinks his marriage to Barbra Jean may be a mistake; and Barbra Jean decides to handle the situation as Reba would: she throws Brock out.
70 4AES02 Mother's Intuition September 24, 2004 When Kyra repeatedly cancels plans with the family, Reba finds out that Barbra Jean is monopolizing all of her time.
71 4AES03 The Two Girl Theory October 1, 2004 Barbra Jean convinces Reba to accompany her to bars, where they meet a lot of men; and Van's explanation of the birds and the bees to Jake requires revision by Reba.
72 4AES04 Van's Agent October 8, 2004 A top agent (Wendie Malick) will represent Van if she approves of his family, but Reba must pretend she is gay because the agent is a lesbian.
73 4AES05 Surprise October 15, 2004 The announcement of Van's trade to Denver devastates Cheyenne; and Kyra intervenes so that Barbra Jean and Brock will start talking again.
74 4AES06 Couples' Therapy October 22, 2004 Brock is becoming lonely in the condo all by himself so he begins to hang around Reba's house more often sometimes with Reba not even knowing. Cheyenne is also becoming lonely with Van being gone almost a week up in Denver. Reba and Brock try to tell her that Van is probably just as upset in Denver without her there only to find out when Van comes home that he is having a blast and has made tons of friends. Brock and Barbra Jean begin going to therapy with Dr. Baker (Patrick Duffy) where they realize that Reba is one of the main problems in their relationship. Dr. Baker asks to speak with Reba where he confronts Reba and Brock and asks if they still have feelings for each other. They both contemplate the question before Barbra Jean walks in and interrupts before they can answer.
75 4AES07 All Fore One November 5, 2004 Reba forces Brock to choose between his dental practice and pro golf; and Van worries that living part time in Denver makes him a bad father.
76 4AES08 Hello, I Must Be Going November 12, 2004 Kyra wants to move back to Reba's house because she thinks her father hates her; and Cheyenne packs each of Van's visits with so many activities that he wants to leave early.
77 4AES09 Thanksgiving November 19, 2004 Reba and Barbra Jean battle over who will host and who will cook Thanksgiving dinner.
78 4AES10 No Boys Upstairs January 14, 2005 Reba allows Kyra to have her new boyfriend at the house as long as he does not go upstairs; and Cheyenne decides to decorate Van's Denver apartment. Jake lies to Reba that Kyra and her boyfriend are upstairs in Kyra's room; Reba punishes Kyra. Later in the episode, Jake receives a Game Boy SP, but then gives Reba some conflicting information--after which he is punished for lying, and Kyra's punishment is rescinded.
79 4AES11 Diamond Jim Brady January 21, 2005 Van learns he has a career-ending condition; he receives a payout from the team but begins to blow the money on gifts for the family. The gifts were for Kyra a brand new guitar, for Brock new golf clubs for Jake and Fossball Table, TV and video games, for Cheyenne a brand new car and for Reba diamond earings a gift she wanted since she was a little girl.
80 4AES12 Reba and the Nanny January 28, 2005 Unable to play football, Van hires a nanny for Elizabeth and spends his time having fun; and Barbra Jean wants Reba's help in asking Brock to return home.
81 4AES13 Date of Mirth February 4, 2005 Barbra Jean and Reba are both attracted to Brock and Barbra Jean's marriage counselor.Guest starring James Denton as Dr. Jack Morgan
82 4AES14 Reba the Realtor February 11, 2005 Reba gets fired for getting angry at her boss; and to gain experience as a realtor, she convinces Brock and Barbra Jean to let her sell the condo; and Van champions Kyra's rock band.
83 4AES15 Flowers for Van February 18, 2005 Cheyenne gets a little too close to the father of Elizabeth's playmate; and not knowing whom they are e-mailing, Reba and Brock flirt through online poker.
84 4AES16 Who Killed Broqe (Brock)? February 25, 2005 When Barbra Jean's dog Broqe(pronounced Brock) goes missing, everyone in the family is a suspect, murder-mystery style.
85 4AES17 The Pageant of Grandmas April 8, 2005 Reba and Barbra Jean compete to represent the Hart family in a beauty pageant for grandmothers at Jake's school. Reba's real life mother makes a special appearance in this episode.
86 4AES18 Reba's Rules of Real Estate April 15, 2005 Reba tries to get a job with the biggest real-estate agent in Houston, but the surprise interview takes unexpected turns as the agent sells inappropriate real estate to Reba's family. Guest Star: Dolly Parton as Dolly Majors

87 4AES19 Driving Miss Kyra April 29, 2005 Reba, Brock and Barbra Jean are all suspicious and paranoid when Kyra gets her driver's license, while Cheyenne fears she's grown old and her life is over early. Then Cheyenne went to a bar at first was thought Kyra was the one at the bar because Reba gave her a cell phone with a tracking device in it then Kyra shows up at the house saying Cheyenne was at the bar.
88 4AES20 Go Far May 6, 2005 Brock persuades Reba to let Jake play football, but the boy plays poorly; and trying to train Jake forces Van to grapple with his unresolved feelings about his father.
89 4AES21 Help Wanted May 13, 2005 Reba hires Van to be her real-estate assistant, but then finds she is jealous when Van exhibits natural selling ability. Reba finds a Liquor bottle in Van's closet thinking it was him but then it was really Cheyenne's
90 4AES22 Hello, My Name is Cheyenne May 20, 2005 At Van's urging, Cheyenne attends an alcoholics meeting, but her eager embracing of the program drives the family crazy; and Kyra's band is invited to do an out-of-town performance.

Season 5: 2005-2006

Episode # Production Code Title Airdate Summary
91 5AES01 Where There's Smoke September 16, 2005 Struggling to remain sober, Cheyenne starts taking pills that will make her violently ill if she drinks alcohol. When Reba throws a party for her real estate clients, Van and Cheyenne go to great lengths to try to stop Reba from drinking after she accidentally takes one of Cheyenne's pills, thinking it is a vitamin. Meanwhile, ex-smoker Barbra Jean lectures Kyra and Jake on the dangers of smoking, but that doesn't stop Brock from secretly lighting up.
92 5AES02 Reba and the One September 23, 2005 Barbra Jean takes it upon herself to find the perfect man for Reba by signing her up at an online dating service, but she later regrets her decision when Reba begins dating a mystery man and doesn't have as much time for her or the family. As a result, Cheyenne and Van realize how much work it takes to care for their daughter without Reba's help, and Barbra Jean and Brock, who wants to make sure he's better looking than Reba's new boyfriend, decide to check out their competition. At first Reba was not dating anyone but at the end she was dating a huge musician named Ted.
93 5AES03 As Is September 30, 2005 After watching her fiercest competitor make a killing in the real estate market, Reba decides it's time to start investing. However, she can't do it alone with her bad credit, so Cheyenne suggests that Reba and Van team up. Later, when Reba finds out that Van went behind her back and purchased a home "as is", without any inspections, she wants out of the partnership. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean is feeling neglected by Brock and finds companionship from an unlikely source - the operator from her car's navigation system.
94 5AES04 And God Created Van October 7, 2005 The Hart family becomes concerned when Van continuously sits at home watching football instead of attending church. After many failed attempts in talking him into going, Reba and Barbra Jean confront him on his refusal. Van confesses that he no longer believes in God, greatly disappointing Reba and Barbra Jean. Mostly because he had to leave football. To try and bring Van to God, they drag him to Reverend Parks who tells Reba and Barbra Jean that he can't help the people who don't want help. Reba in a heated discussion finally admits to the Reverend that she too has had her doubts.
95 5AES05 No Good Deed October 14, 2005 When Reba and Jake take in a stray dog that survived Hurricane Katrina, Reba invites the owners (JoMarie Payton-France) to stay at the house until they can get back on their feet. However, the Harts are in for a big surprise when it turns out there are 18 people in the displaced family. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean heads up the "Save the Dog" campaign and turns her house into a shelter for lost pets, leaving dog-hating Brock more than annoyed.
96 5AES06 Best Li'l Haunted House in Texas October 28, 2005 Reba is beyond disappointed when her plans for a fright-filled Halloween fall through because everyone in the family has other plans. Meanwhile, Van's green-eyed monster comes out when Cheyenne starts spending an inordinate amount of time with her handsome sponsor, Frank.
97 5AES07 Have Your Cake November 4, 2005 Realizing that his wife, Barbra Jean (who was pregnant in real life at the time this episode was taped), has taken up eating as a hobby and gained quite a bit of weight as a result, Brock consults Reba on how best to handle the delicate situation. Ultimately, Cheyenne is the one who confronts Barbra Jean about her food addiction, suggesting that she and Reba go on a diet with her.
98 5AES08 Grannies Gone Wild November 11, 2005 When Cheyenne declines Brock's offer to intern at his dental office, the family finds out she no longer wants to become a dentist. Instead she plans to devote her life to helping people. Reba, Van and Brock are upset by this and visit the senior center where Cheynne has been volunteering and discover that she's been "helping" by giving the women makeovers. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean's attempt to get picked for jury duty backfires after she annoys the judge.
99 5AES09 Invasion November 18, 2005 After a miscommunication sends Barbra Jean (who does not appear in the episode) to her brother Buzzard's house in Lubbock for Thanksgiving, Buzzard mistakenly ends up on Reba's doorstep for the holiday. The family soon realizes they may have traded crazy Barbra Jean for her even crazier brother, who believes that Reba has been sending him love letters signed "Peaches" and that Brock is "the dirtbag who's trying to take my sister to hell with him."
100 5AES10 Issues December 9, 2005 After observing their constant bickering in the real estate office, Reba and Van's boss insists they see the company's occupational therapist to work things out. Meanwhile, Brock and Barbra Jean consult a sleep doctor who suggests they videotape themselves in bed to find out why Brock is waking up exhausted and achy every morning.
101 5AES11 Brock's Got Stones January 13, 2006 When Brock decides to camp out at Reba's house while Barbra Jean is away in St. Louis, Reba gets fed up and tries to kick him out. However, Brock is diagnosed with kidney stones and doesn't want to be left alone, so Reba ends up caring for him. Meanwhile, Cheyenne volunteers at a homeless shelter, but is disappointed when she is assigned the unglamorous task of doing dishes in the kitchen.
102 5AES12 Parenting with Puppets January 20, 2006 Reba doesn't approve of Barbra Jean's method of disciplining Henry. However, when Jake lies and blames Henry for breaking Reba's lamp, Reba is forced to apologize for criticizing Barbra Jean's parenting skills. Meanwhile, Brock and Van are mistaken for a gay couple when they spend their "guy time" at a day spa.
103 5AES13 Don't Mess with Taxes January 27, 2006 After Brock and Barbra Jean get audited, Brock informs Reba that the IRS is going to audit the last five years of their marriage. Later, Brock makes Reba nervous when she discovers that he has a few secrets he doesn't want the IRS to find out about. Meanwhile, Cheyenne makes Van take part in her sociology project about a man's perspective on marriage, but she certainly wasn't anticipating all the attention he would receive from the women in her class.
104 5AES14 The Goodbye Guy February 3, 2006 In the wake of Barbra Jean spilling the beans to the IRS that Reba and Brock owe $75,000 in back taxes, an embarrassed Brock decides the only way he can pay off the debt is by selling his house and moving to Las Vegas. When Van hears the news, he aims to become Brock's broker and a devastated Barbra Jean tries to change Brock's mind.
105 5AES15 Money Blues February 17, 2006 When Reba learns that Van is in charge of the family budget and has Cheyenne documenting all her purchases in an expense journal, she advises him to treat Cheyenne more as an equal. Unfortunately, Van decides the best solution is to start giving Cheyenne a weekly allowance for her household duties, which obviously doesn't sit well with his wife. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean discovers that Jake has started a lucrative business selling soda - against school policy - to his classmates.
106 5AES16 The Trouble with Dr. Hunky February 24, 2006 Dr. Jack Morgan moves back to town and tries to rekindle his relationship with Reba, However, Jack reveals to a shocked Reba that he is technically still married. Reaching the startling conclusion that she has unknowingly become the "Barbra Jean" in her relationship, Reba goes to an unlikely source for advice - Brock. Guest star James Denton reprises his role as Dr. Jack Morgan
107 5AES17 Reba the Landlord March 17, 2006 In an effort to save Brock and Barbra Jean from losing their home, Reba and Van buy their house and rent it out to them. Barbra Jean doesn't like the idea of Reba being her landlady, so when she sprains her ankle in the house, she decides to file a lawsuit against Reba.
108 5AES18 The Blonde Leading the Blind March 24, 2006 After the family makes fun of Reba's poor eyesight, she secretly gets laser eye surgery, which leaves her temporarily blind. Barbra Jean insists on helping Reba post-surgery while the rest of the family is away. Later, thinking she is talking to Cheynne, Reba badmouths Barbra Jean, only to find out she's been talking to Barbra Jean the whole time. Overwhelmed with guilt for the hurtful things she said, and with Brock's help, Reba finally tells Barbra Jean how thankful she is for their friendship.
109 5AES19 Here We Go Again April 14, 2006 Reba is worried when she and Brock must attend an anger management therapy session that was mandated by the court during their divorce. Cheyenne and Van are required to be present as well, and Reba fears things have gone from bad to worse when everyone starts arguing in front of the therapist. Later, Barbra Jean crashes the session and the five adults end up telling the therapist about the crazy things they have done to each other over the years.
110 5AES20 Red Alert April 21, 2006 When Barbra Jean takes up selling insurance, she wants Reba to be her first client. After Reba's physical shows that she has high blood pressure, she finds out she's at risk to lose her old insurance policy. Meanwhile, Van seeks out Brock's advice in coming up with a unique anniversary present for Cheyenne.
111 5AES21 Two Weddings and a Funeral April 28, 2006 Cheyenne gets overwhelmed planning her second wedding to Van when Reba and Barbra Jean won't stop putting their two cents in. Later, Van and Cheyenne have an argument and decide to call off the ceremony, leaving Brock and Barbra Jean with the opportunity to renew their own vows.
112 5AES22 Reba's Heart May 5, 2006 After collapsing at Van and Cheyenne's non-wedding, Reba is rushed to the hospital. The family is panicked about her health, but she only wants to focus on helping Van and Cheyenne resolve their relationship troubles. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean tries to help Reba feel better, but only makes Reba's blood pressure continue to climb. Then they play the theme song twice and show 2 pictures.

Season 6: 2006-2007

{| class="wikitable" |- !Episode # !Production Code !Title !Airdate !Summary |- |align="center" |113 |align="center" |6AES01 |Let's Get Physical |November 19, 2006 |After Barbra Jean's successful weight loss, Reba becomes worried that she'll soon become the chubby friend and starts to eat healthy. Meanwhile, Brock is becoming suspicious that Barbra Jean maybe having an affair with her trainer, Jordan, leading him to ask Reba to check out what is really happening at the gym and Kyra comes back from her long absence

|- |align="center" |114 |align="center" |6AES02 |Just Business |November 19, 2006 |The biggest real estate company in town has called and Reba convinces Van to place his loyalty aside and come with her to see what their intentions are only to find out they just want Van and not her. Meanwhile, Brock is worried that Barbra Jean's new look is going to make her look elsewhere so he goes through some interesting changes to impress her.

|- |align="center" |115 |align="center" |6AES03 |Trading Spaces |November 26, 2006 |After Van declines the offer from Norris, he decides to build an office in the Hart's garage for him and Reba to work from. Reba questioning his decision finds out that Cheyenne is pregnant again but was told not to let Cheyenne know he told her. Meanwhile, with only 10 months to college, Kyra decides to move back in with Reba. Reba gets Cheyenne to confess only to also learn that they plan on moving out. Reba is torn emotionally with the return of Kyra and the probable move of Van and Cheyenne.

|- |align="center" |116 |align="center" |6AES04 |Roll With It |December 3, 2006 |Reba who's happy with life since Kyra has moved home and Cheyenne is pregnant realizes that Kyra had too much freedom at Brock and Barbra Jean's. Meanwhile, Jake finds himself accidentally trying out for the wheelchair basketball team and pretends to be handicap to become their star player. |- |align="center" |117 |align="center" |6AES05 |The Break-Up |December 10, 2006 |After constant persuasion, Van accepts the job from Steve Norris. Reba supports his decision to move to a bigger Real Estate firm but refuses to let Van take their client list leading to the ultimate Real Estate battle. Including having to see which one could sell this unsellable house next to an airport. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean pursues one of her dreams of becoming a TV News Weather Woman. |- |align="center" |118 |align="center" |6AES06 |Sweet Child O' Mine |December 17, 2006 |In order to keep her unborn baby from ending up like Kyra, Cheyenne tries to redeem good karma by giving back Kyra's 5th birthday party that Cheyenne destroyed years ago. By smashing her new fire truck into the cake leading Kyra to cry. Meanwhile, Cheyenne is driving Van crazy with a 20 page list of things to do before the baby arrives. Reba, as always, is caught in the middle with the challenge of fixing all the family problems. |- |- |align="center" |119 |align="center" |6AES07 |Locked and Loaded |January 7, 2007 |Brock wanting to bring the spark back to his marriage decides to secretly get his vasectomy reversed and get Barbra Jean pregnant since he believed she was the happiest when they were expecting. Meanwhile, Cheyenne's pregnancy sends her hormones crazy and Kyra films Van's goofiness for YouTube. |- |align="center" |120 |align="center" |6AES08 |And We Forgive Those... |January 14, 2007 |Barbra Jean who is training an up and coming weather woman from Oklahoma, Kelly (played by Kelly Clarkson) fears she will soon take her job. At first Reba adores Kelly but when she realizes Kelly is just like Barbra Jean in every way, Reba comes to see that perhaps she hasn't forgiven Barbra Jean like she thought. Meanwhile, finding out they're having a boy, Van and Cheyenne have to find a way to break the promise Cheyenne made when she was younger to name her first son - Brock. |- |align="center" |121 |align="center" |6AES09 |Bullets Over Brock |January 21, 2007 |Reba is ordered to relax in order to bring her blood pressure back down, but that is impossible with Brock living in the garage to avoid fighting with Barbra Jean. His constant lies lead Barbra Jean to believe he's out of town and Reba argues for him to just be honest with his wife; the tension between them reaches an all time high leading them to file for divorce. Meanwhile, Van sees his father in himself as he gets fired for his temperament while coaching Jake's lousy soccer team with Jake being the worst player. |- |align="center" |122 |align="center" |6AES10 |Cheyenne's Rival |January 28, 2007 |Reba finds Van and Cheyenne their perfect house and when trying to make the deal with the owner realizes it is Cheyenne's enemy from High School. Meanwhile, Brock and Barbra Jean get all dolled up to have a divorce date. |- |align="center" |123 |align="center" |6AES11 |She's With The Band |February 11, 2007 |Reba and Brock are shocked when Kyra tells them that she is postponing college to go on tour with her band. Unfortunately, when Reba puts her foot down and tells Kyra that she won't allow her to make this huge mistake, Kyra decides to move out. Meanwhile, Cheyenne and Van can't agree on how to decorate their new house. |- |align="center" |124 |align="center" |6AES12 |The Housewarming |February 18, 2007 |While Van and Cheyenne settle into their new home, they realize they have their own "Barbara Jean" who constantly comes over unannounced and uninvited - Reba. Meanwhile, Barbara Jean uses her divorce process with Brock to dramatize at her new news-weatherwoman job as Stormy Clearweather on the newscasts to bring in new fans. |- |align="center" |125 |align="center" |6AES13 |The Kids are Alright |February 18, 2007 |In the Series Finale, when Van's poor home improvement skills cause a small fire in their home, Reba allows Van and Cheyenne to stay with her until they get things back in order. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean turns down an out-of-state promotion to make things work with Brock. With everyone at a happy state in their lives, Reba realizes she isn't unhappy--she was lucky to be caught in the middle of the craziest, most wonderful family possible. They all realize they had a crazy six years, but made it through because "they're survivors." At the end of the episode, a family photo is taken and shown, then the picture from the first episode is shown. During the montage, "I'm a Survivor" plays as the audience applauds. |-)

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