RealGM is a website created in 2000. The site was originally a basketball site but has since included NHL, MLB, and NFL. The website is close to the top 5000 most visited sites according to Alexa, as of May 24, 2007. The site is noted for its trade checker, a system developed to analyze hypothetical NBA trades according to the collective bargaining agreement. A professional version of the Trade Checker has been licensed to several NBA teams.


The site includes basketball team forums as well as off-topic, media, and graphic arts forums and on April 1, 2007 it added NHL, MLB, and NFL team boards. The website is particularly popular amongst Canadian basketball fans. The Toronto Raptors have the biggest board on RealGM. The Milwaukee Brewers board is the largest MLB while the Green Bay Packers board (NFL) and the Toronto Maple Leafs board (NHL) are the largest for their respective leagues.


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