ReServe Interactive

ReServe Interactive

ReServe Interactive, in operation since 1996, is headquartered in Delafield, Wisconsin, USA, with its sales and service office located in Livermore, California, USA. The company develops and sells computer software for the commercial and noncommercial hospitality markets including hotels, restaurants, sports and entertainment facilities, golf clubs, cultural institutions, private clubs and wineries.

ReServe Interactive software includes both traditional client/server and web-based versions for catering and event management, dining reservations and table management applications. The software allows for the management of single unit or multi-unit restaurants, on-premise and off-premise catering operations and event facilities. Enterprise configurations have also been developed to accommodate shared customer databases and aggregated financial reporting. The integrated software allows for the management of catered events and restaurants in one system. Add-on modules include group rooms control, labor scheduling and club management. The software currently interfaces with multiple related technology products including point-of-sale systems, room diagramming software, food and beverage management systems, accounting software and e-mail programs.

Current business activities

ReServe Interactive achieved 15-percent growth in 2007. To manage this growth and prepare for 2008, the company extended its customer support/service hours, expanded its sales team and is in the process of implementing additional product enhancements and technology platform advancements.


Early years

ReServe Interactive was originally established in 1996 as Efficient Frontiers, and began doing business as ReServe Interactive in 2005.

Recent history

In 2006, ReServe Interactive introduced ReServe Anywhere, the web-based version of Catering and Event Management and Dining Reservations and Table Management products. The company also relocated its Livermore sales and marketing offices to better accommodate staffing and technology growth needs.

ReServe Interactive reported 15-percent growth in 2007, following 62-percent growth in 2006 and 32-percent in 2005, achieving 12 consecutive years of growth.

Product listing

Catering & Event Management Software

ReServe Interactive Catering and Event Management software automates the banquet and event management process. The software offers Event Lifecycle Technology – a process-driven design that breaks down operations into a series of intuitive, sequential steps that prompt the user with tasks to be completed in order to move an event ahead in its lifecycle. The software manages the entire event sales process including menus and pricing, contracts and invoices, payments and discounts, as well as creates custom correspondence at each phase of the event’s lifecycle. The program also generates a series of reports including budget and revenue information and historical customer data on event activity. The software is currently being used by Wolfgang Puck Catering, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises and the Georgia Aquarium.

Dining Reservations & Table Management

The software automates the process of taking restaurant reservations and manages guest seating. It manages the coordination of servers, tables, walk-ins, and arriving parties, while providing information to support customer service initiatives. The software provides an at- a-glance graphical representation of the dining room with interactive table status so that a hostess or manager can get an update of seating resources. The program also gathers customer profiles for customer relationship management and to manage event or promotional activities. The software is currently being used by The Melting Pot, Levy Restaurants and Gibson's Steakhouse.

ReServe Anywhere

ReServe Anywhere is a hosted version of the ReServe Interactive client-server software application remotely accessible by end-users via an Internet connection and hosted by ReServe on secure, centralized servers.


The Consumer-to-Business connection enables guests to make dining reservations or to inquire about events from the merchant’s website.


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