Re (album)

Re (album)

Re was Café Tacuba's second and perhaps most important contribution to Mexico's music scene. The album was called "the equivalent of the Beatles 'White Album' for the rock en español movement" by the New York Times. The name probably comes from the second syllable in Solfege, perhaps because it was their second album. It was released in 1994 and consisted of twenty songs.

Track listing

  1. El Aparato (The Apparatus) – 3:19
  2. La Ingrata (The Ingrate) – 3:32
  3. El Ciclón (The Cyclone) – 2:55
  4. El Borrego (The Lamb) A derogatory Spanish term for people who do anything they're told to. – 2:08
  5. Esa Noche (That Night) – 3:27
  6. 24 Horas (24 Hours) – 2:19
  7. Ixtepec (Ixtepec is a city in Oaxaca) – 3:21
  8. Trópico de Cáncer (Tropic of Cancer) – 4:38
  9. El Metro (The Subway) – 3:46
  10. El Fin de la Infancia (Childhood's End, named after the book by Arthur C. Clarke.) – 2:19
  11. Madrugal (Madrugal isn't actually a word in Spanish, it stands for Song For Dawn as the lyrics describe dawn (madrugada) in the Mexican capital) – 1:08
  12. Pez (Fish) – 2:18
  13. Verde (Green) – 1:55
  14. La Negrita (The Black Woman, a diminutive) – 3:05
  15. El Tlatoani del Barrio (The King of the Neighborhood. Tlatoani is a Nahuatl word, used to describe Aztec emperors. Cuauhtemoc was the last.) It is also a nod to Ruben Albarran's father, who was a boxer, as pictured in the booklet. – 3:27
  16. Las Flores (The Flowers) – 2:16
  17. La Pinta (Skipping Class) Also refers to one of Christopher Columbus' vessels. – 2:49
  18. El Baile y el Salón (The Dance and the Ballroom) – 5:08
  19. El Puñal y el Corazón (The Dagger and the Heart) It is also know as (The "Fag" and The Heart) –4:22
  20. El Balcón (The Balcony) – 1:41

This album established Café Tacuba's style of genre-switching, which hadn't been as obvious in their debut album, Café Tacuba, released two years earlier. Its sheer length - an hour long - and brilliant experimentation with musical styles has made it a favorite among fans. One notable aspect of the album is that it contains several parodies of musical genres, notably "La Ingrata", a parody of norteño music, "El fin de la infancia" which parodies Banda Music, "Las flores" which parodies Son Jarocho and "Esa Noche" who parodies Boleros. That song also showcases dramatically the vocal capabilities of Rubén Albarrán, credited on this album as "Cosme".

Band members


  • Sergio Toporek and Rubén Albarrán

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