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Ravno is a town and the seat of its municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity. Ravno was municipality until 1963, when it became a part of the Trebinje municipality. After the war, Ravno became a municipality again.


In 1991 were 198 inhabitants in the town itself, including:

Municipality, 1991.

total: 1,771

Today, majority of the population are Croats. Serbs left to Trebinje. Only small number of Serbs are back in their homes.

When political boundaries were created for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ravno inherited part of the former Trebinje municipality and has today 447km².


Baljivac, Belenići, Bobovišta, Cicrina, Čavaš, Čopice, Čvaljina, Dvrsnica, Glavska, Golubinac, Gorogaše, Grebci, Ivanica, Kalađurđevići, Kijev Do, Kutina, Nenovići, Nevada, Orahov Do, Podosoje, Prosjek, Ravno, Rupni Do, Slavogostići, Slivnica Bobani, Slivnica Površ, Sparožići, Šćenica Bobani, Trebimlja, Trnčina, Uskoplje, Velja Međa, Vlaka, Vukovići, Začula, Zagradinje, Zaplanik and Zavala, and parts of settlements: Baonine, Orašje Popovo and Rapti Bobani.

Ravno during Yugoslav Wars

Ravno was first attacked by JNA forces in early October 1991 and levelled the village on the way to attack Dubrovnik in the War in Croatia.

Ravno again suffered heavy damage during the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina, when the majority of villages were destroyed.

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