In the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, Rary of Ket is an archmage and political leader.

He is also called Rary the Traitor, a former member of the Circle of Eight. He was responsible for the deaths of Circle members Otiluke and Tenser at the end of the Greyhawk Wars. After his betrayal, Rary fled with his ally Sir Robilar, to the Bright Desert, where he established the Empire of the Bright Lands.

His younger brother, the renowned sage Arkalan Sammal, who resides in the Free City of Greyhawk, has renounced Rary, as have most of his former allies.

However, during the Living Greyhawk campaign, many adventures set in Rary's home region of Ket referred to him as Rary the Patriot, and Ketite NPCs often insisted that he was not evil, merely misunderstood.


Rary is known to have authored or co-authored the following works:

  • Arcane Puissance of the Memory
  • The Lost Spellbook of Rary the Traitor


Rary is responsible for developing such commonly known spells as:

  • Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer
  • Rary's Telepathic Bond

Rary seems to specialize in meta-magical/psionic spells, or mental/mind based spell enhancements.

Rary has also developed the following additional spells:

  • Rary's Aptitude Appropriator
  • Rary's Arcane Conversion
  • Rary's Empathic Perception
  • Rary's Interplanar Telepathic Bond
  • Rary's Memory Alteration
  • Rary's Mind Scan
  • Rary's Mind Shield
  • Rary's Plane Truth
  • Rary's Protection From Scrying
  • Rary's Replay of the Past
  • Rary's Spell Enhancer
  • Rary's Superior Spell Enhancer
  • Rary's Urgent Utterance


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