Rare species conservation centre (R.S.C.C)

Rare species conservation centre (R.S.C.C)

The Rare Species Conservation Centre or R.S.C.C is a one and a half acre conservation centre and zoological gardens. It is situated just outside Sandwich in Kent and is operated by The Rare Species Conservation Trust, a UK registered charity.

What is there

The zoo consists of two major areas, an indoor covered rainforest and outdoor geographic areas, Madagascar, Indochina. Each is divided into different areas corresponding to the geographical groupings of the animals in those areas.

The rainforest houses the collection of Australasian animals and those from South and Central America. It also features a large water feature consisting of a stream running in a circular path throughout the exhibit with two waterfalls and two large ponds.

The exterior has two main areas, one devoted to the fauna of Madagascar, and the other devoted to animals from South-East Asia.


The Rare Species Conservation Centre houses many species of birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians from Africa, South America, Australasia and Asia including; Bali Starling, Crowned Pigeon, Cuban Flamingo, Madagascar Teal, Toco Toucan, Binturong, Brazilian Ocelot, Clouded Leopard, Cotton Top Tamarin, Emperor Tamarin, Crowned Lemur, Fat Tailed Dwarf Lemur, Fossa, Goeldi's Monkey, Jaguarundi, Lesser Anteater, Malayan Tapir, Owston's Civet, Potto, Pygmy Slow Loris, Red Ruffed Lemur, Slow Lorris, St Vincent Agouti, Western Grey Bamboo Lemur, White Cheeked Gibbon, The only Smooth Coated Otters outside of Cambodia, Sun Bears, Chinese Alligators, Golden Mantella, Radiated Tortoise, Pallas Cat. Black - Footed Cats & Clouded Leopard.

Future Plans

Presently, the site occupies 1.5 acres. However, the charitable trust which operates the centre is hoping to expand into 5 adjacent acres in the future. With that they hope to work with more animal species, from the following continents; Australasia, North and South America and Africa.

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