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Ranye (Ra:nya) is a town located in Iraqi Kurdistan, 130 km to the northeast of Sulaymaniyah. Regarding administrative degree it is considered as a district in As Sulaymaniyah Governorate. The district of Ranye has three towns; Çiwarqurne, Bêtwate and Hacî awa. It is the centre of Bîtwên and Raperîn area.


The region of Ranye(رانیه) has an ancient history of being a residing area and is rich in archaeologic sites, including: Şimşêre hill, Basmosyan hill, Girdedême hill, Kameryan hill and Boskin hill, castle of Ranye.

The role of the people of this city is clear concerning the revolutionary movement of Kurdish people from the war against the English during Şêx Mehmud's government, Eylûl revolution, new revolution and amongst them the famous uprising in 1991 which broke out in this city on the 5th of march 1991. Consequently it acquired the name of 'the gate of uprising' the number of the population is about 120000 persons and 25000 families.

As a city its history of being a district goes back to the Ottoman period in (1789) when the first district commissioner was appointed.

The city has a wonderful nature and suitable place for tourism. In addition to the beautiful shore of Derbend, areas around Reşemêrg fountain heads ,Girdedême hill and bêtwate, the villages of Şawre and Ako valleys are the typical of the beauty of this area. Ranye is surrounded by three series of mountains which are Kêwereş, Hacîle and Asos. on 05/03/1991 they do revulation with iraqi government they do RAPARRIN ., also if you want to see RANYE pictur you can visit to , or visit

Agriculturally, it is well – known because of having a fertile land and suitable places for production.

The most remarkable building in Ranya is The Great Mosque, rebuilt by the Kurdish Islamic League (KIL), particularly, with the support of Kurdish Professor, Pro. Ali Qaradaghi.

Ranye consists of many quarters which are: Qelat, Reşemêrg, Gilîincan, Sera, Rizgarî, Raperîn, Azadî 1, Azadî 2, Kêwereş, Qule،Mamostayan and Fermanberan.

The first publication issued in Ranye in 1942 under the name of Blêse (flame). Iraqi Kurdistan, in northern modern Iraq.

Most of the tribes that live in Ranye are the Jaff, Bilbas, Ako and Khoshnaw

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