Range camera

Camera (disambiguation)

Camera may refer to:

  • Camera, a device used to take photographs, either singly or in sequence
    • Still camera, a device used to take photographs, singly
    • Digital camera, an electronic device used to capture and store photographs electronically
    • Video camera, a portable electronic device for recording video images and audio onto a storage device
    • Camera phone, a mobile phone combined with a built-in digital camera
    • Virtual camera, in computing and gaming
  • The term camera is also used, for devices producing images or image sequences from measurements of the physical world, or when the image formation cannot be described as photografic. Examples are
    • range cameras which produce images of the distance to each point in the scene,
    • ultrasonic cameras which produce images of the absorption of ultra-sonic energy, and
    • MRI cameras which produce images showing, internal structure of different parts of a patient's body.


  • CAMERA, Community Cyberinfrastructure for Advanced Marine Microbial Ecology Research and Analysis: a scientific organization serving the microbial ecology research community.
  • CAMERA, Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America: an American, pro-Israel, non-profit media-monitoring research and membership organization.
  • In camera, a secret or private meeting with a judge, committee or council, as opposed to proceedings in open session
  • Camera obscura, an optical device used in drawing, and one of the developmental threads leading to the invention of photography
  • Apostolic Camera, historical administrative department of the papacy
  • Musica da camera, Italian designation for chamber music
  • Camera (film), a 2000 short film directed by David Cronenberg
  • Camera (Japanese magazine)
  • Camera (magazine) (published in Switzerland and elsewhere)
  • Camera (anatomy), the chamber between two adjacent septa in the phragmocone of a nautiloid or ammonoid cephalopod
  • Camera (wasp), a wasp genus

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  • Camaro, a Chevrolet car model
  • Camero, the surname of several people
  • CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale

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