Kim Sa-rang

Kim Sa-rang (born January 12 1978) is a Korean actress. Her first name is the Korean word for "love".

Kim was crowned Miss Korea on May 28, 2000 at the Sejong Cultural Center, the site of the 1980 Miss Universe Pageant, and was subsequently handed her acting career. She also represented the Land of the Morning Calm (Korea) in the Miss Universe Pageant 2001. During the pageant, she won the award for Best National Costume because of her beautiful Korean hanbok dress.

She has a degree in Korean music from Yongin University.


  • Siblings : One brother
  • Hobbies: Playing the gayaguem, the traditional Korean instrument, listening to music


  • 2007: Radio Days (라듸오 데이즈)
  • 2006: Who Slept with Her (누가 그 여자와 잤을까?)
  • 2003: Love is Impossible (남남북녀)
  • 2002: Man is Born (남자 태어나다)


  • 2008: Tokyo Showers (SBS)
  • 2007: 왕과나 (SBS)
  • 2005: A Love To Kill (이 죽일 놈의 사랑, KBS)
  • 2003: 설날 특집 드라마 [천년의 꿈]
  • 2003: Thousand Year's Love (천년지애/千年之愛, SBS)
  • 2002: Love (정/情, SBS)
  • 2001: Mina (KBS)
  • 2001: What in the World (어쩌면 좋아) (MBC)
  • 2001: 생방송 음악캠프 (MBC)
  • 2000: 천사의 분노 (SBS)


  • Height: 173 cm
  • Weight: 50 kg

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