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F.C. Copenhagen season 2005-06

FCK won the Danish Superliga trophy in the season 2005-06. The championship was secured on May 7 after a 0-1 defeat at Fionia Park against Odense BK, but with simultaneously, AC Horsens winning 4-1 over Brøndby IF.

They won on April 6 the Royal League again, after an exciting final against Lillestrøm S.K., where Razak Pimpong scored the decisive goal in the final seconds.

FCK were knocked out of the UEFA Cup by Hamburger SV on September 29th after a very controversial refereeing performance by British Matthew Messias, giving eight yellow cards, two of those leading to a sending off, and a third direct red card, all in the last ten minutes, and giving HSV a 92nd-minute penalty kick.


This season F.C. Copenhagen played in the Danish Superliga, Danish Cup, UEFA Cup and Royal League.

Danish Superliga

See also: Danish Superliga 2005-06
In the Superliga they were at the winter break placed first, with only one defeat and four draws after 20 matches. Their biggest win was a 5-1 win against Esbjerg fB at Parken on September 25, where Elrio van Heerden and Marcus Allbäck scored both twice, while the fifth goal was scored by Peter Møller.

At October 26 FCK visited Haderslev Fodboldstadion, where SønderjyskE was the home team. After SønderjyskE opened the match with a Henrik Hansen-goal, Álvaro Santos made it 1-1 with a beautiful scissors kick, which later was awarded as goal of the year. Elrio van Heerden scored to 2-1, Peter Møller to 3-1 and Álvaro made his second goal in the extra time.

The only autumn defeat was against Esbjerg fB on November 5 2005, were they lost 3-1 at Esbjerg Idrætspark.

On March 12 2006 they got their second defeat. This time was it the arch rivals Brøndby IF who beat FCK. That match ended 3-0 at Brøndby Stadium.

The championship was secured on May 7 after a 0-1 defeat at Fionia Park against Odense BK, but with simultaneously, AC Horsens winning 4-1 over Brøndby IF.

In the last match on May 14, FCK lost again, this time to Silkeborg IF home at Parken, 2-3 in a very even match. Michael Silberbauer and Brede Hangeland were the goalscorers for F.C. Copenhagen.

Danish Cup

See also Danish Cup 2005-06
In the Cup, FCK started in 5th round, were they met the 2nd Division East team Slagelse BI. After 2-2 at full-time and extra time, the match was decided on penalties. Here, FCK won 4-3, and went through to the quarter finals.

In the quarter finals, the opponents were the arch rivals Brøndby IF at Brøndby Stadium, where Brøndby won 1-0 after extra time and two red cards to FCK in the second half.


See also UEFA Cup 2005-06
In the UEFA Cup they started in the 2nd Qualifying Round where they beat Carmarthen Town from Wales with 4-0 agg.

In the 1st round they played against German Hamburger SV. The first leg was played in the AOL Arena in Hamburg and ended 1-1. Hamburger SV won the second leg in Parken 1-0 to eliminate F.C. Copenhagen and got through to the group stage.

Royal League

See also Royal League 2005-06
In the group stage F.C. Copenhagen were in group 2 with the archrivals Brøndby IF, Swedish Kalmar FF and Norwegian Lillestrøm S.K. in the group 2. FCK won only one match, but with four draws, FCK qualified for the quarter finals, where they met Hammarby IF.

The game would be special for FCK captain Tobias Linderoth, as Hammarby's coach, Anders Linderoth, is his father. In the same matches, both teams were playing in Kappa shirts, and for the draw, the two captains, Tobias Linderoth (Swede, FCK) and Mikkel Jensen (Dane, Hammarby), were dressed in almost identical cardigans. The only difference was the team names.

After a 2-0 victory home at Parken, FCK could spot the semi finals in the horizont, but with two Hammarby goals in the last 5 minutes. Then a penalty shootout should decide their Royal League future, but with 3 FCK goals, and 3 Jesper Christiansen saves, they won the shootout 3-0.

In the semi finals, FCK drew the other remaining Danish team, FC Midtjylland. Home FCK won 3-1 and away, at SAS Arena, they beat FCM 4-0.

F.C. Copenhagen won in the 2005-06 Royal League season, after an exiciting final against Lillestrøm S.K., played at Parken. FCK won 1-0 after a 89th minute Razak Pimpong-goal. Pimpong had subtituted Ijeh in the 69th minute, and he got his second yellow card in his enthusiasm after the goal, where he took off his shirt.


The following squads, are lists with all the players, who have played in F.C. Copenhagen in the 2005-06 season.

First team squad

Second team squad


Players In

No. Player From Comments
15 André Bergdølmo Dortmund
18 Carsten Fredgaard Randers End of loan
24 Jeppe Brandrup Youth player - now first team player
1 Jesper Christiansen Viborg
11 Marcus Allbäck Hansa Rostock
27 Martin Bernburg Youth player - now first team player
14 Michael Gravgaard Viborg
9 Peter Ijeh Gothenburg
12 Thomas Røll Silkeborg End of loan
20 Razak Pimpong Midtjylland
5 Brede Hangeland Viking
13 Atiba Hutchinson Helsingborg

Players out

No. Player To Comments
24 Christian Traoré Midtjylland
25 Hjalte Nørregaard Heerenveen
27 Jesper Bech Malmö
9 Magne Hoseth Vålerenga
1 Magnus Kihlstedt Stopped career
17 Ole Tobiasen AaB On loan
15 Peter Christiansen Helsingborg
10 Sibusiso Zuma Bielefeld
12 Todi Jónsson Start
17 Ole Tobiasen Sandefjord
18 Carsten Fredgaard Randers
32 Peter Møller Stopped career
21 Balázs Rabóczki Sopron
5 Janne Saarinen Honka
26 Elrio van Heerden Brugge
4 Bo Svensson M'gladbach


Results for F.C. Copenhagen for season 2005-2006.

NOTE: scores are written FCK first

Date Venue Opponents Score Comp FCK scorers Match Report*

July 7 2005 Ødsted Stadion, Ødsted Ammitsbøl/Jerlev 13-1 F Fredgaard (2), Allbäck, Santos (4), Bergvold, Thomassen, Saarinen, Møller (2), Røll FCK
July 10, 2005 Ødsted Stadion, Ødsted BPI/FC Fredericia 6-1 F Ijeh, Saarinen (3), Santos (2) FCK
July 16, 2005 Helsingør Stadion, Elsinore Rennes 1-0 F Allbäck FCK
July 20, 2005 Aalborg Stadion Aalborg AaB 1-0 DSL Santos FCK
July 24, 2005 Parken, Copenhagen AC Horsens 2-0 DSL Jacobsen, Santos FCK
July 31, 2005 Farum Park, Farum FC Nordsjælland 2-1 DSL Santos, Allbäck FCK
August 7, 2005 Parken, Copenhagen AGF 1-1 DSL Ijeh FCK
August 11, 2005 Parken, Copenhagen Carmarthen 2-0 UCQ Santos, Gravgaard FCK
August 14, 2005 Haderslev Fodboldstadion, Haderslev SønderjyskE 1-0 DSL Bergdølmo FCK
August 21, 2005 Viborg Stadion, Viborg Viborg 2-1 DSL Jacobsen, Ijeh FCK
August 25, 2005 Ninian Park, Cardiff, Wales Carmarthen 2-0 UCQ Møller (2) FCK
August 28, 2005 Parken, Copenhagen Silkeborg 2-0 DSL Jacobsen, Gravgaard FCK
September 11, 2005 Fionia Park, Odense OB 2-0 DSL Allbäck (2) FCK
September 15, 2005 AOL Arena, Hamburg, Germany Hamburg 1-1 UC1 van Heerden FCK, UEFA
September 18, 2005 Parken, Copenhagen FC Midtjylland 3-1 DSL Santos (2), Møller FCK
September 21, 2005 Brøndby Stadion, Brøndby Brøndby 1-1 DSL van Heerden FCK
September 25, 2005 Parken, Copenhagen Esbjerg 5-1 DSL van Heerden (2), Møller, Allbäck (2) FCK
September 29, 2005 Parken, Copenhagen Hamburg 0-1 UC1 FCK
October 2, 2005 Parken, Copenhagen OB 1-1 DSL Santos FCK
October 16, 2005 Silkeborg Stadion, Silkeborg Silkeborg 3-0 DSL Allbäck, Santos, Møller FCK
October 19, 2005 Slagelse Stadion, Slagelse Slagelse 5-6 (pen) DC5 Santos, Gravgaard FCK
October 22, 2005 Parken, Copenhagen AC Horsens 1-0 DSL Møller FCK
October 26, 2005 Haderslev Fodboldstadion, Haderslev SønderjyskE 4-1 DSL Santos (2), van Heerden, Møller FCK
October 30, 2005 Parken, Copenhagen FC Midtjylland 2-0 DSL Møller (2) FCK
November 5, 2005 Esbjerg Idrætspark, Esbjerg Esbjerg 1-3 DSL Gravgaard FCK
November 20, 2005 Parken, Copenhagen AGF 1-1 DSL Santos FCK
November 24, 2005 Åråsen Stadion, Oslo, Norway Lillestrøm 0-0 RLB FCK, Royal League
November 27, 2005 Aalborg Stadion, Aalborg AaB 2-0 DSL Bergdølmo, Allbäck FCK
December 4, 2005 Parken, Copenhagen Viborg 3-1 DSL Santos (2), Allbäck FCK
December 8, 2005 Parken, Copenhagen Brøndby 1-1 RLB Bergdølmo FCK, Royal League
December 11, 2005 Fredrikskans Idrottspark, Kalmar, Sweden Kalmar 0-1 RLB FCK, Royal League
January 22, 2006 Parken, Copenhagen Schalke 04 0-0 F FCK
January 30, 2006 La Manga del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain Lokomotiv Moscow 2-1 LMC Allbäck, Bernburg FCK
February 3, 2006 La Manga del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain Salzburg 0-0 LMC FCK
February 6, 2006 La Manga del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain Rosenborg 1-2 LMC Bertolt FCK
February 9, 2006 Brøndby Stadion, Brøndby Brøndby 2-1 RLB Allbäck, Bergvold FCK, Royal League
February 12, 2006 Parken, Copenhagen Lillestrøm 1-1 RLB Linderoth FCK, Royal League
February 16, 2006 Parken, Copenhagen Kalmar 1-1 RLB Hutchinson FCK, Royal League
February 23, 2006 Parken, Copenhagen Hammarby 2-0 RL4 Santos, Allbäck FCK, Royal League
March 5, 2006 Brøndby Stadion, Brøndby Brøndby 0-1 DC6 FCK
March 9, 2006 Söderstadion, Stockholm Hammarby 3-2 (pen) RL4 FCK, Royal League
March 12, 2006 Brøndby Stadion, Brøndby Brøndby 0-3 DSL FCK
March 16, 2006 Parken, Copenhagen Midtjylland 3-1 RLS Silberbauer, Ijeh, Hangeland FCK, Royal League
March 19, 2006 Parken, Copenhagen FC Nordsjælland 3-3 DSL Ijeh, Bergvold, Allbäck FCK
March 23, 2006 SAS Arena, Herning Midtjylland 4-0 RLS Ijeh (2x), Silberbauer, Kvist FCK, Royal League
March 29, 2006 Parken, Copenhagen AaB 1-0 DSL Linderoth FCK
April 1, 2006 Atletion, Århus AGF 4-0 DSL Allbäck(2x), Hutchinson, Hansen (AGF) (og) FCK
April 6, 2006 Parken, Copenhagen Lillestrøm 1-0 RLF Pimpong FCK, Royal League
April 9, 2006 Parken, Copenhagen Esbjerg 2-1 DSL Allbäck, Bergvold FCK
April 13, 2006 SAS Arena, Herning FC Midtjylland 3-1 DSL Allbäck, Santos(2x) FCK
April 17, 2006 Parken, Copenhagen SønderjyskE 4-1 DSL Allbäck, Silberbauer, Stolberg (SE) (og), Santos FCK
April 23, 2006 Forum Horsens Stadion, Horsens AC Horsens 1-0 DSL Ijeh FCK
April 26, 2006 Farum Park, Farum FC Nordsjælland 1-1 DSL Silberbauer FCK
April 30, 2006 Parken, Copenhagen Brøndby 0-0 DSL FCK
May 4, 2006 Viborg Stadion, Viborg Viborg 1-0 DSL Allbäck FCK
May 7, 2006 Fionia Park, Odense OB 0-1 DSL FCK
May 14, 2006 Parken, Copenhagen Silkeborg 2-3 DSL Silberbauer, Hangeland FCK
May 18, 2006 Forum Horsens Stadion, Horsens Horsens 4-1 VCD Kvist, Bernburg (2x), Hangeland FCK
May 21, 2006 Parken, Copenhagen Midtjylland 2-2 VCD Qvist, Hutchinson FCK
May 26, 2006 Farum Park, Farum Nordsjælland 1-3 VC4 Bertolt FCK
May 29, 2006 Parken, Copenhagen Nordsjælland 1-3 VC4 Bernburg FCK


  • DSL = Danish Superliga
  • DC = Danish Cup
  • UCQ = UEFA Cup Qualifier
  • UC1 = UEFA Cup Round 1
  • RLB = Royal League Group B
  • RL4 = Royal League Quarter-finals
  • RLS = Royal League Semi-finals
  • RLF = Royal League Final
  • VCD = Viasat Cup Group D
  • VC4 = Viasat Cup Quarter-finals
  • LMC = La Manga Cup
  • F = Friendly match

Report explanation

Season statistics

Top goalscorers

Álvaro Santos 24
Marcus Allbäck 20
Peter Møller 11
Peter Ijeh 8
Michael Silberbauer 5
Elrio van Heerden 5


Spectators on home ground 2005-06

  • 366,369 spectators in 17 Superliga matches
  • Average: 21,551

Best visited FCK home match 2005-06

Worst visited FCK home match 2005-06


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