Rand (Robotech)


Rand may refer to a number of places, people, organizations, and acronyms:



Fictional characters

  • Rand al'Thor, the main character in Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time fantasy fiction series
  • Rand (Robotech), a character from the fictional Third Robotech War
  • Atton Rand, a character from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II
  • Janice Rand, a character in the Star Trek universe
  • Iron Fist (comics) (Daniel Rand), a Marvel Comics character

Companies and organizations

Abbreviation or acronym

Other uses

  • South African rand, the national currency of South Africa (abbreviation: R, ISO-4217-Code: ZAR), the Rand is also widely accepted as currency in Namibia
  • Rand index, a technique for measuring the similarity between two data clusters
  • Rand formula, a formula in Canadian labor law

See also

  • Krugerrand, a South African gold coin
  • Randlord, a term used to denote the entrepreneurs who controlled the diamond and gold mining industries in South Africa in its pioneer phase

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