Rampage (musician)

Lord Have Mercy (musician)

Lord Have Mercy (born Wayne Notise), is a hip-hop rapper from Brooklyn, New York City. He was a close friend of Busta Rhymes, who signed him to the Flipmode Squad and was in the original line-up of the Flipmode squad along with Rah Digga and Rampage. He has appeared on numerous tracks within Flipmode, including the group's album The Imperial, and he also had an album in the works entitled Thee Ungodly Hour that was supposed to be released under Flipmode Records and Elektra Records.

Lord recorded several tracks including "Say What Say What" "Paint Your Face" and "Wicked Ways". "Home Sweet Home" was also recorded featuring M.O.P., but Thee Ungodly Hour was scrapped when Lord left Flipmode. M.O.P. added the song to their album Warriorz.

Also set for the album was Havoc from Mobb Deep and Fame from EPMD and The Teamsters.

Lord left Flipmode stating that he did not like the mainstream direction Flipmode was taking and also stating that Busta Rhymes had promised that Flipmode would be a launching pad for all of the members solo careers, which for Lord Have Mercy did not happen. He also blamed Busta for holding his record release back and relegating him to being a "backup singer. Fellow former Flipmode member Rah Digga, indirectly corroborated this when mentioning in an interview that Busta shelved Lord's album release (which was completed) for Digga's (which hadn't even started).

After leaving Flipmode, Lord recorded a three song single called The Come On Down EP which included songs "Charge", "We Will", and "Come On Down". Lord disappeared from the scene for a while before forming his own record label Sword and Shield and releasing the mixtape The Runaway Slave. The mixtape had many strong hits like "Until the Wheelz Fall Off", which is available on iTunes.

Lord has revealed that he is releasing another mixtape of old unreleased songs and has asked people on his myspace for the songs they would like to appear on the mixtape.

Lord Have Mercy also has several new artists and a producer to add to his Sword and Shield Record Label. The Producer named Ice Pirate has produced 8 of 16 tracks on his mixtape Run Away Slave(Including Until The Wheels Fall Off). One of his artists, Monsta Villa has a mixtape out called Some Kind Of Monster... Also Ice Pirate's God Son Lil 2-Bad is coming out with a mixtape soon.


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