Ramadan Shlash

Ramadan Shlash

Ramadan Shlash (Fr. Chelache), although at one time an official in Deir ez-Zour, is most known for having taken a significant role in the nationalist, anti-colonialist revolt against the French of 1919-1921.

Although he is still remembered by Syrians as a "hero against the French," British press in the early 1920's referred to him and other anti-colonialists as an "insurgent" and in one sensationalist headline, the "Euphrates Raider" (Deir ez-Zour lies along the western banks of the Euphrates river).

Despite his contributions to Syria's national/anti-colonial struggle, he has been relegated to a minor, almost negligible role in its history.


Chelache, Fayez Ramadan Shlash (in Arabic).

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