Rally Cross

Rally Cross 2

Rally Cross 2 is the 1998/9 sequel to 1997's Rally Cross. It improves from the original game by added better graphics, an extensive season mode, more vehicles and tracks and a track editor. The game has three difficulty modes: Rookie, Veteran and Pro.

Game modes

Single race: Choose any vehicle and track and race against three opponents, there are three sub-modes, Normal, which is self-explanatory, Head-on, which is where one opponent races in the opposite direction of the player and Suicide which is the same as Head-on but with three opponents.

Season: Rally through an extensive season, unlocking vehicles and tracks.

Time Trial: Try to get the best lap-time possible on a certain track.

Practice: Practice your rallying skills.


Some vehicles' parts (shocks, steering, brakes, ratios, gearbox and tires) can be modified to the player's liking. All vehicles' bodies can be painted as well.

  • Apex
  • Baja
  • Orbit
  • Icon
  • Trace
  • Trail 150
  • Aerial
  • Axis
  • Vapor - bonus
  • Radia - bonus


The game's sixteen tracks are also available in reverse, making a total of thirty-two tracks.

Bonus tracks included:

  1. Oasis - from Rally Cross 1
  2. Jungle - from Rally Cross 1
  3. Little Woods
  4. Frozen Trail
  5. Dusty Road
  6. Rock Creek
  7. Dry Humps
  8. Hillside

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