Rain on Lens

Rain on Lens

Rain on Lens is Smog's ninth album, released in 2001. It is the first release under the alias (Smog), and the first album artwork which featured a picture of Bill Callahan himself on the cover. It was recorded by Rob Bochnik and Jeremy Lemos and produced by Callahan.

Jessica Billey played violin and provided backing vocals, Kyle Bruckmann played english horn and oboe and Geoff Greenberg played bass. Nate Lepine played alto sax and flute, Rick Rizzo guitar. Pat Samson played drums.

Track listing

  1. "Rain on Lens 1"
  2. "Song"
  3. "Natural Decline"
  4. "Keep Some Steady Friends Around"
  5. "Dirty Pants"
  6. "Lazy Rain"
  7. "Short Drive"
  8. "Live as If Someone Is Always Watching You"
  9. "Rain on Lens 2"
  10. "Revanchism"

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