Rain Parade

Rain Parade

The Rain Parade were a band active in the Paisley Underground scene in Los Angeles in the 1980s.


The band was founded by college roommates Matt Piucci (guitar, vocals) and David Roback (guitar, vocals) in 1981, originally as The Sidewalks. David's brother Steven Roback (bass, vocals) joined the band shortly thereafter. David and Steven had been in a band called The Unconscious with neighbor Susanna Hoffs (who went on to lead the most famous of the Paisley Underground bands, The Bangles.) The band soon added Will Glenn (keyboards and violin) and later Eddie Kalwa (drums). They self-released their debut single, "What She's Done to Your Mind" on their Llama label in 1982.

This led to a deal with local independent rock label Enigma Records, who released the band's debut album, Emergency Third Rail Power Trip, in 1983.

David Roback left to form a new band, Rainy Day, the rest of the band continuing to record as a four piece, releasing the mini-LP, Explosions in the Glass Palace in 1984. After a single, "You Are My Friend", Kalwa left, his replacement being Mark Marcum, and John Thoman (guitar, vocals) was added to the line-up. The band signed to Island Records, and a live album (Beyond The Sunset) recorded in Japan, and a third album, Crashing Dream, came out in 1985. This album was supported by a European tour, underwritten by Island Records, and garnered good support in smaller club venues.

The band split in 1986, with Piucci forming Gone Fishin' and later joining Crazy Horse. The band reformed in 1988 to finish off a double album they had started, but it was never released. The rest of the band formed Viva Saturn. After Rainy Day, David Roback formed Opal, and later Mazzy Star.


Singles, EPs

  • "What She's Done To Your Mind" (1982) Llama
  • "You Are My Friend" (1985) Enigma/Zippo (UK Indie #28)


  • Emergency Third Rail Power Trip (1983) Enigma/Zippo (UK Indie #5)
  • Explosions in the Glass Palace mini-LP (1984) Enigma/Zippo (UK Indie #4)
  • Beyond The Sunset (live in Tokyo 1984) (1985) Restless/Island (UK #78)
  • Crashing Dream (1985) Island
  • Emergency Third Rail Power Trip/Explosions in the Glass Palace (1992) Mau Mau

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